World of Warcraft nostalgic: WLK has only been open for ten days, and there are already many graduation numbers, like the end of the version

The World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server has only been open for ten days, and there are already many graduation numbers. Even if you haven’t graduated, you are close to graduation. It’s just a matter of time before you get the equipment. This feels like the end of the version. Since graduation is so easy, then according to the previous rhythm, it seems that one number is not enough to play; because WLK’s P1 is too simple, graduation is too easy, even if it is a matter of time, then what else can you play in the next P1? ?

Naxx equipment is available in large quantities

Recalling the previous MC stage, each boss lost 2 to 3 pieces of equipment, and the whole process was about 25 pieces of equipment, but it took 40 people to divide, and each person could get a little more than half of the equipment. In the early stage of TBC, the equipment acquisition was still small, and the number of drops was gradually released until it was opened later. Even this was not enough; but it was different when it came to WLK. Naxx lost a total of 60 pieces of equipment, and no one of 25 people could get a little more than 2 pieces. , the situation of bad equipment from the first CD has never happened before.

Also comparing the 60 and 70 versions, the 80 version of the equipment is much more useful, the 60 version always has some strange drops, don’t even give it for nothing, let alone buy the gold coins, and the 80 version purple equipment can be obtained at a speed of about It is 4 times of the 60 version, and a CD has at least 4 CDs. If you are lucky, you will be close to graduation. 10 players 3 large groups, 25 players 3 group books, 10 people treasure house, 25 people treasure house, the number of equipment that one person can see in a CD is close to 100 pieces, with such a game foundation, plus the difficulty of bento , Everyone no longer has to worry about equipment graduation, especially for casual players, P2 entry can be expected and there is no need to worry.

WLK is the world of achievement

When WLK’s P1 changed the equipment graduation gameplay of the first two major versions, what can you do with the extra time? Of course there are other options! If you say that the 60th and 70th versions have no choice, except for the reputation of the equipment, you may not have fun, and you can’t play without playing these, then the 80th version has added a lot of optional content, everyone can continue to be in a daze, Collecting, but you can also do achievements. If you really can’t think of it, you can start a trumpet. As long as the liver is on the liver for about 2 weeks, you can directly catch up with the progress. If you don’t want liver, you can play daily, as long as you have a sign in your hand, you can keep up with the progress at any time.

There’s no harm in keeping it simple

You can take a look at the current World Channel, there are not a lot of teams who are swiping through 12H, and the battlefield festivals are also convenient to start the number, so it is more similar to play. The problem with the starting number is that it is difficult to play in the front, and the 12H pass brush is that there is no time for paddling, which is too tiring; although there is no problem with direct ding, but no matter how you look at it, it is not worth it. Under the difficulty and setting of the current version, the progress is this. It’s not important anymore, the initiative is currently in the hands of the players, and you can play whatever you want. As long as you don’t get too introverted, WLK’s P1 is very casual.

Looking back at the SW when it was not weakened a month and a half ago, although there are a lot of raids and there seem to be a lot of options to choose from, there is no equipment gain after playing. If you have graduated, you will get a little gold at most. It is also possible to be plugged into equipment, and it is too difficult to graduate. In contrast, is everyone’s mood completely different now? Even if I didn’t play because of the queue, or because I wanted to play it badly, as long as there are a few days in the future, whether it is equipment or brand can be quickly finished, doesn’t it sound easier?

write at the end

The P1 of the World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server is a lot more comfortable whether it is the game rhythm or the efficiency of the game because of the setting problem. For normal teammates and casual players, this is the real “game time”. But for the studio and the ribs, the current version is too unfriendly. As for the current difficulty of the group book, the ribs can only exchange the number of copies for income, which sounds exhausting; for the studio, they can only go to the ice. Throne, Invincible and other new servers are doing things, tossing AH and crashing prices. Brother G has a comment on this: The oyster may shake the tree, and I will watch it in a few days if you don’t believe it.

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