World of Warcraft nostalgic: what’s in front of you is the worst! WLK welcomes complaints, some people are looking forward to the CTM version

World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server P1 has just opened for more than half a month, and the popularity can be said to have just begun. At this juncture, it should be leveling and playing equipment, but some people like to sing the opposite and start complaining. Before talking about the group of complaining about WLK, Brother G can give them a personality, “the one in front of you is the worst, and the next one is the best”; in their eyes, WLK needs to queue up, leveling is too slow, and the copy is not enough. Or too convenient, in short, there is only one solution, and that is to prepare to look forward to the CTM version.

  • Cataclysm makes Warcraft go down the altar

Before the WLK version, World of Warcraft had no rivals in the same category of games. Take a look at these core keywords, 3D, MMOORPG, magic, plot, occupation, equipment, etc. WOW can show its own strength in each item It will deeply influence new works for many years to come, and until now we can still see the shadow of World of Warcraft in some new games. It is precisely because of this existence that Blizzard is a bit floating in WLK. After the new design team replaced the old design team, the catastrophe became the beginning of World of Warcraft’s prosperity and decline, but the seeds of decline were actually planted in the WLK version. .

  • Looking back at the rise and fall of WLK

When we summed up the past years later, strictly speaking, WLK is the most shrinking expansion. P2 Ulduar not only promoted the concept of Titan to Warcraft players, but also transferred some designers, so we saw the Spider Kingdom. The story of being hacked and trolls doesn’t make much noise in the entire version, and the plot that Icecrown Glacier would have disappeared also disappeared. But what I didn’t expect was that the players didn’t buy Ulduar’s account at all, and finally directly characterized it as “stinky and long”. Looking at the declining number of online users, Blizzard quickly pulled out the TOC toilet version, which made everyone insist on seeing Al sass.

The national service Wannian TBC had enough expectations for WLK. The image of Alsace was full of streets and alleys at that time, and the rhythm of the national service beyond P1 and P2 looked extremely silky, which further boosted the popularity of WLK. After seeing the popularity of WLK, Blizzard decided to redo the old world, occupations, add new design concepts, merge 10 people and 25 people to drop in CTM, but because of difficulties and changes, many players experienced strong discomfort I feel that for a game that I have been playing for several years, I suddenly have to re-learn it. This learning cost has become the last straw to crush the first batch of old players; and in that year, the LOL public beta was launched, and many years of The love was eventually exhausted, and many players never came back after turning around.

  • Expectations have nothing to do with reality

In the hearts of many players, as long as they think of CTM, there is no good evaluation. Brother G deeply remembers that since that version, Blizzard Needle has gone further and further on the road of developing games for elite players. Even if they persuade ordinary players, it has not changed them decision, this concept can still be seen in the current official service. So when I heard that some friends were looking forward to the CTM version, Brother G’s first reaction was to be very surprised. These people were either the newbies back then, or the guys who liked to talk; because that’s what they said in the 60th version , TBC still said so, even if CTM is open, Brother G believes that they will start looking forward to MOP soon.

  • write at the end

The result of the magic change of World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server will directly affect the future CTM nostalgic server. We still need to wait until the end of P2 to know what the effect of the magic change will be. Even if some people expect CTM, Brother G can say responsibly. When the CTM nostalgia comes, it won’t be the cataclysm that everyone remembers. Just like the current WLK, adjust this and change that, such as adding a little difficulty to the copy, changing a little equipment, adding a new small system, selling mounts, as for whether it is fun, this is a matter of opinion; for the current For A Xue, the financial report is the most important.

——Every day, Brother G accompanies you to talk about the little things in the nostalgic server of World of Warcraft, and I hope everyone can avoid the pit perfectly.