World of Warcraft nostalgic service: WLK’s wild group is coming, but the time and scene are changed

World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic obedience group started the 3rd CD, and the overall feeling of the game has entered a new stage. Those who should graduate or have already graduated have not been able to go online, and the groups seeking life have begun to come to the forefront. For the current stage, Brother G would like to refer to the next period as the post-Naxx period. Comparing the game situation of the previous two weeks, the WLK wild group will come soon, and it will be easy to encounter.

  • The situation of hair equipment began to increase

Although Naxx has a lot of equipment drops, 25 people can get a little more than 2 pieces on average, but those with ulterior motives will always have reasons to black things out. Recently, Brother G heard something that was related to the team leader’s It is related to the group of relatives and friends. Although it is a G group, you can get 100 for your own group of relatives and friends, and others must bid on it. This kind of story has been seen too many times in the 60 version and the TBC period, and the re-encounter only changed the time and scene, and this fact also shows that the pace of the P1 stage of WLK is too fast.

The game environment in the early 60 version was pretty good, it lasted for at least 3 months. The game environment at that time was very similar to many years ago. After TBC, due to the changes in the dungeon and game mechanics, the 5H book let everyone play for a few weeks. Time, although there will be chaos in the Roll, but it does not come as fast as the P1 stage of WLK. The next most likely problem is the 10-member Naxx group. In the past, the 40-member group had a situation of “one more Roll”. The 25-member group of TBC promoted this trend. After WLK became a 10-member group , it is too easy to target the loose; there are even cases where the loose is targeting the loose.

  • 10 Naxx Don’t Fight Yourself

In the past two days, Brother G heard a story about 10 people Naxx. First, there were more than one person Roll, and then the loose people in the team started to mess up when they saw that the situation was not right. After getting the equipment, he privately asked another loose person if he wanted it; maybe this A piece of equipment may cost more than 2K in a normal G group, but he only needs 500. We also heard and saw this in TBC. If it is specific to several groups of WLK, the 10-person Naxx will easily be controlled by the group of relatives and friends of the group leader due to the threshold and the number of people. Another treasure house known for its lottery is the second group that is prone to trouble.

Due to the problem of dropping the treasure house, everyone thinks it is like a lottery book. Everyone goes to the Roll according to their ability, but if there is a group of relatives and friends, then it may take good luck to get the equipment. Having said so much, Brother G just wanted to share the current situation with his friends. Since the difficulty of the three major WLK group books is not high, the game rhythm has quickly entered the state of playing for the whole people. The G group mode that was once accepted by everyone has also encountered. Challenge, after all, breaking the rules for personal gain is difficult for many people to control, especially for those who have been hungry all the way from the SW period, the WLK version is already very unfriendly to them. Once they have the opportunity to do things, they will not easily Let go.

  • write at the end

The World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server has not been picked up personally, and even if it does, other problems will arise, so if you are still in the state of being a lone wolf or a loose person during this period, it is best to take the opportunity to get to know a few more reliable loose people. Then we all play together. The story of “Brave the Collection of Stones” has been mentioned by Brother G all the way to WLK from version 60. As long as there are two or three friends, the difficulty of the game can be lowered, the game experience can be improved, and it is not so difficult to socialize a little; Gathering stones”, Brother G continued to say.

——Every day, Brother G accompanies you to talk about the little things in the nostalgic server of World of Warcraft, and I hope everyone can avoid the pit perfectly.