World of Warcraft nostalgic service: It is difficult to play Ulduar again, P2 is not a problem of difficulty, but a problem of length

The player group of World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server is quite interesting. First of all, there are such a group of people who always like how difficult it is to blow the next version; secondly, there is such a group of people who drive a few cars a day during lunch, but can’t beat the team. Suddenly there is a family. The specific performance of the above two types of groups, let’s look at the current P1 stage of WLK, it seems that few people have said that they want to accompany their families, and they are all in the three major books; and the groups that are difficult to play old copies every day, they are still very strong recently. of.

Is Ulduar a difficulty issue?

About ULD, Brother G didn’t want to say more before the PTR appeared, because it’s no use saying it, and Blizzard’s magic change can make the article unrecognizable. But for those who blow the difficulty of ULD, Brother G especially wants to say that P2 is never a problem of difficulty, but a problem of length. If you don’t believe me, you can ask those friends who call ULD “Audua” if they were stuck. ? How long have you been stuck? What really makes Ulduar not popular is the time-consuming problem of the whole process. If the time-consuming of the P2 logging stage cannot be close to the current time-consuming of the three P1 books or slightly increase, then the remarks of accompanying family members will appear again.

Why does Brother G underestimate the difficulty of Ulduar dungeons, because the current strength of the players in the nostalgic server is no longer the strength of a dozen years ago, and all occupations, configurations, and resources know how to fill them up. The difficulty of the team back then is now It’s really nothing in front of the player. Looking at all the previous raids of the nostalgic server, the top players broke through on the same day, the middle players solved it in three days, the fixed and wild groups were all cleared within a week, and the entire version entered garbage time.

Things are a little bit exception

In the nostalgic server for more than three years, there are only a few raids that do not conform to the above rules. In version 60, Naxxramas split the buff on the hour and sent the mixture to reduce the difficulty a lot. With the bad luck buff, the light song flower dragon head haka After that, the difficulty of Naxx basically does not exist. TBC’s T5 double version was adjusted after a period of difficulty in the initial stage, the prince’s hatred was repaired, and Vashj’s over-the-server play was developed, and P2 was immediately taken care of. Only TBC’s P5 is really difficult, it is difficult to make many wild groups not infected with CD, plus the 70 permanent server is canceled and the 80 version is about to come, under the multiple blows, many people start to lie on the same level as WLK.

What does difficult mean?

Let’s not talk about Ulduar, let’s talk about ordinary ICC first. It is no surprise that the wild group will be in the blood queen and ice dragon card, but it will pass slowly; HICC is a strong group to fight with the wild The relationship between the group is not big, and when the powerful players start working everywhere, the situation will ease immediately. However, because of the length of the copy, Ulduar can’t get up fast even if he adds equipment, it is almost meaningless. In the P2 stage AFK, when the P3 Crusader Trial returns, it will be the same. Each of us has different perceptions of “difficulty”. Some players think that it is difficult to play unsatisfactory effects, while some players think that it is difficult if they cannot paddle. Most of the so-called “difficulties” are actually because of wild groups. , as long as you can’t pick your feet, then this version is difficult and not fun.

write at the end

The World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server is still a few days away from P2. When the PTR is open, all the answers will be revealed. For the group who blows the next version every time, it may be just for grandstanding, or it may be because of their own food. Finally, Brother G wants to take the most difficult SW as an example. The SW clearance rate was less than 2%, and the nostalgic server has reached more than 40%. Even if it only counts the teams that have played in the first week, there are more than 200 teams; players are improving, and the copy Stand still, the results are not difficult to judge.

——Every day, Brother G accompanies you to talk about the little things in the nostalgic server of World of Warcraft, and I hope everyone can avoid the pit perfectly.