World of Warcraft nostalgic server: WLK has a free transfer server, starting from Ha Holland, can the target server go?

World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server finally opened the free server transfer. In the news on the 13th, servers such as Haholan, Mograine, and Blessing could only be transferred in a direction, but on the 14th, there was a change, from “point-to-point” to “point-to-point”. become “face to face”. Judging from the latest server transfer situation, the most concerned is undoubtedly Ha Holland, and the situation of the target server German server has also sparked discussion; next, we will start with Ha Holland, simply to this WLK free Switch servers and analyze them to see which servers are worth going and which ones are not.

Harhoran’s past

From the day WLK arrived, the queuing situation in Ha Holland was not good. Thousands of people crowded together every day, and no matter whether these people were real players or studios, everyone’s experience was not very good. Thinking back to the time when Haholan switched to Mograine, this operation was the one that Brother G did not understand so far. In version 60, Brother G was in Mograine. As soon as the free server transfer started, Mograine There are more queues than the previous Ha Holland, and this slapstick operation has not been able to find an operation that can match it until now, so what will happen this time?

Talk about Demsekar

The previous German server sounded like a ghost server. The actual situation is that the number of players has increased since WLK. Whether it is 5H or doing tasks, the World Channel can call people. In terms of group books, there are several groups of 25-person Naxx, and single-boss groups such as Treasure House will also open groups after 10 pm. If this is considered a ghost server, then there are not many decent servers in WLK nostalgic server. If the Harhoran players switch in, the situation may become more lively, but the world channel chat will be affected a bit. If you are afraid that the German server will slowly become a ghost after this operation, then you can only pay to go to other servers. .

Analysis of target server

There are three target servers for Harhoran, Farina, Fire Hammer, and German server. In fact, these three servers belong to high-quality servers. Farina doesn’t seem to have many people. , the most important thing is that there are not many studios; looking at it this way, the treatment of Haholan, Mograine, and Blessing is really good, and at least the three target servers are in good condition. Dagger Ridge, Van Cress, and Lionheart can look at Van Watson. The situation is very similar to Harholan’s three target servers, as well as Patchwick’s two target servers, Veknilas and Heart Seeker. , are all good clothes.

Nogfogg is a unilateral tribal server. If you don’t like to play PVP, it’s a good choice for you. At least you don’t have to queue all the time. The situation of Sulfuras is similar. In this way, the situation of this free server transfer is clear. The servers that have been opened and transferred this time belong to the head server, and players in this type of server are more concerned about popularity. If you give everyone a village server or ghost server, it is obvious. The sincerity was not enough, so several high-quality servers in the second echelon were selected. This approach is also likely to be a win-win situation. If the optimal load of a server is 10, Haholland is currently 13 and the German server is 6, if it can be averaged, then it is a good thing that the load on both sides can be below 10; even if it is not even, Haholland does not After queuing for so long, there are more people in Defu, and it looks like a win-win situation.

write at the end

The free transfer and paid transfer of World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server do not share the same CD. No matter if you transfer this server or not, the situation may get worse, but some options are better than queuing up. not finished. Even if you don’t like it after the server transfer, the big deal is to switch back. For office workers, the only time to play games is after get off work, and it’s already ten or eleven o’clock in the queue, so what else is there to play.

——Every day, Brother G accompanies you to talk about the little things in the nostalgic server of World of Warcraft, and I hope everyone can avoid the pit perfectly.