World of Warcraft nostalgic server: The P1 group book is not difficult but very long, but because the three books are played in a row, it is necessary to have a group double?

The P1 stage of the WLK classic server of World of Warcraft will continue for about 2 months. After all, the official server next door has a major version to be updated, and the WLK itself still has small problems that need to be repaired, so it is excusable that the P1 will last a little longer. The P1 group book is not difficult but very long, but because of the three books in a row, it is necessary to have a double team? From TN subsidy to Tuan Shuang, is everyone disgusted? In fact, it is still human.

Shadows left by DKP

When it comes to regimental doubles, TN subsidies, and other miscellaneous subsidies, it was actually because of the unfairness brought by DKP at the earliest. At that time, the regiment leader and the commander were almost the same role. role, then it is equivalent to saying that there are two people in a team who can decide major events, but these two people belong to the community of interests, and they are still “one word” in disguise. So the problem arises. Because the DKP points are not universal, everyone can’t leave at any time even if they are unhappy in the guild. When the equipment is given priority to T, how to score it is often a test of the ability of the DKP leader.

DKP was replaced by G group

In the 60th version of the nostalgic server, everyone worked together to target DKP and pushed the G group to the foreground. Although the G group also has some unreasonable places, the gold coins are universal. After getting the commanding heights, the rest of the changes will come naturally. In order to break the “one word hall” of the head of the group, there are many new rules behind the G group. From typing books to equipment distribution, sometimes there is no need for the head of the group to do too much. Even in the bento version, everyone can push it all the way, and there is a group of individuals. And if you choose a career, you can pass the current version of the top group. With the development of the nostalgic server, when the TN subsidy became the norm, the group double thing began to be developed into the default rule by some group leaders, so the contradiction came.

Simplest solution

For friends who are not used to Tuan Shuang, there are actually two choices. If you can accept it, go, and if you are not used to it, don’t go. It seems very simple. But Brother G still wants to say a few more words about the regiment double. If the difficulty of the regiment is high, then the role of the regiment leader and commander will be prominent, especially for the fixed regiment; Regiment, efficiency is very important. Each car may replace most of the people or all of them. Under various arrangements and combinations, if a wild group leader can still ensure that the all-pass time is stable at Within a certain range, then it is no problem to get a group double.

I am afraid that the head of the wild regiment who is dissatisfied with one bottle and swaying around half a bottle will get all the subsidies, but he will be imprisoned if he fights. WLK’s P1 group is our old acquaintance Kel’Thuzad. For players who have been serious all the way from version 60, the characteristics of the 15 bosses in Naxx have been known for a long time. The so-called process problem Basically it doesn’t exist, even if it is P1 three books, it is not difficult to play the jungle; but under such a situation, Brother G also saw strange settings such as double the team leader, command subsidies, and accounting subsidies. Therefore, when it comes to dealing with the group double, under the current difficulty of the group, the problem of equipment allocation has become a secondary issue. Efficiency and recognition must be selected, otherwise, after playing the group, you will feel nauseated.

write at the end

World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server is not the starting point of the team, nor will it be the end. Brother G has seen many powerful team leaders in the SW stage of TBC. Don’t use love to generate electricity, but the temper is not good, and it often appears The situation of spraying a member. As the love of these regimental leaders gradually diminished, some of the regiment leaders stopped starting the regiment, and some began to want the regiment double; the interesting thing is that after the regiment double was confirmed, the regiment leader’s temper improved and he immediately became a hard-working worker. At the end of the article, Brother G left three questions, how many relatives and friends will be arranged in the team? Who are the team buffs and other resources given to? Did you take the equipment that was filmed? Solve these problems and get three copies in about 3 hours, which is really worthy of the group.

——Every day, Brother G accompanies you to talk about the little things in the nostalgic server of World of Warcraft, and I hope everyone can avoid the pit perfectly.