“World of Warcraft” nostalgic season server free transfer to permanent server or the Lich King has begun

The nostalgic season server of “World of Warcraft” has been opened to transfer to the permanent 60 server or the Lich King nostalgic server. Blizzard updated the blue post on October 18 and announced the transfer plan.

The picture below shows the situation in the US server. The permanent servers that are transferred for free include Whitemane in PVP and Mankrik in PVE, and the Lich King nostalgic servers that are transferred for free include Eranikus, Yojamba, Remulos, and Atiesh.

After testing by the forum friends, on October 18th, the national server can also be transferred to the permanent server for free (only for Ha Horan), but the transfer to the Lich King has not yet started. The editor tested it on October 19, and the server transfer channel seems to be temporarily closed. Although you can choose to transfer for free, the button is grayed out, and I don’t know the specific recovery time.

The specific closing date of the Season Server S1 and the deadline for the server transfer have not yet been determined. Usually, the official will issue a blue post notification one month before the end of the server transfer. It should be noted that characters that have not been transferred to the permanent server or the Lich King nostalgia after the season server expires will be permanently deleted. In addition, the server transfer is one-way and cannot be changed once confirmed, but it is unknown whether there is a 30-day restriction period after the server transfer. Finally, according to player feedback, it is currently not possible to transfer to a target server with characters from opposing factions. For example, under the same account, alliance fighters in the seasonal murloc suit cannot transfer to the permanent Haholan server that already has the Horde Mage.

Affected by this, the price of permanent clothes has plummeted, while the price of season clothes has skyrocketed. The grass mines of the season clothes have been refreshed, and the alchemy has a critical attack. With the large transfer of materials, it will inevitably affect the prices of both parties. A time full of pots. On the other hand, the gap period of server transfer brings a golden period for trumpet training, because the upgrade of the season server is fast, and the task experience is increased by 100%, so you can step up the leveling and transfer to the permanent server. This method is suitable for self-improvement trumpets, because the season server cannot be upgraded on the street.