World of Warcraft nostalgia: When the first batch of WLK graduation numbers are gone, the true face of 5H has just been revealed

World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server P1 stage group book has been open for 2 weeks, and it is the third CD that has just arrived, but after only 2 complete CDs, many players have not graduated. The fast pace of P1 caught many players graduating by surprise. After all the raids of a CD were played, nearly a hundred pieces of equipment could be seen, which was a treatment that had never been seen before; but another thing could not be ignored, when the first batch of WLK The graduation number is gone, and the true face of 5H has just been revealed. It is very hard to destroy it, right?

The speed is already AFK

The first 10 days of WLK leveling, the group book will be opened after 10 days, and then the group will be called with friends and friends. After less than 10 days, it is found that the equipment has graduated, the brand has been brushed enough, the achievements can be done or not, then only AFK is left; when the 3rd CD arrives, Brother G’s fixed group suddenly finds that there are not enough people, so begging grandpa to tell grandma is the only way to drag the person who wants A online, and equip it after playing “3+1” once No, no gold coins, I just wanted to get off the assembly line quickly. Continue to develop according to this situation, Brother G insists at most 1 CD and is ready to rot. Since the fast speed is already A, but some friends are still playing 5H, if nothing else, there should be a shortage of T, right?

Is 5H really not difficult?

About ten days ago, the first batch of Graduation numbers began to enter the 5H book on a large scale. At that time, I only heard that the Roll was not equipped, and I rarely heard that it was destroyed. Strictly speaking, 5H is very simple. At that time, it was the same when wearing S4. But after more than ten days, many friends found that even wearing version 80 equipment, they would be destroyed. The pace of WLK’s P1 stage is really fast, half a month. It took 5H to change a wave of people. If you are still wearing an S4 to play 5H, there is a high probability that you will belong to a jerk. Next, there will be a question and a meeting. As a result, I found that I don’t know the road, the skills are randomly placed in ADD, I can’t hide skills, I can’t interrupt, the DPS is not half as good as T, and all kinds of strange shapes have appeared.

This is just the beginning

At present, 5H shouting 4=1T has become the norm, and there are even renting Ts, but Ts above 210 can deal with at most one courage per day and go offline without any other needs. And the WLK nostalgic server will soon usher in the “full moon” day. At this point in time, I still go to play 5H. If I don’t bring relatives and friends, there is no other reason. Many friends insist on changing the four heirlooms, and even after changing them. Too lazy to do it every day. The lack of T in 5H starts from here. The first batch of players who play T are responsible. Even if they are going to play a few numbers, they choose to practice T at the first time, and then they will finish the equipment and brand. Go to practice other professions; and most of the current trumpet Ts are just playing casually. If there is a subsidy, they will mix, and if there is no subsidy, they will run away. Many new Ts are not even satisfied with their skills, let alone expect to be able to pull well. But this is just the beginning, and the further you go, the more exciting the performance of the new T will be.

WLK’s first batch of T numbers is divided into three types. The first type is the T between 210 and 226. It is not bad without AFK. This type of T does not go to 5H at all. The second is that the full level is a little slower. Don’t look at the lack of T in 5H, but the group book is not lacking. If the full level is slow, it means that the group book has no place. I just want to play 5H, maybe I can enter the group. The last category is the group of players who follow the trend, but this group has become less and less in the past week. After finding that the game is not fun, they are faster than rabbits. Now the T that can go to 5H is already the second batch number, either from Arathi or Okuyama; but as long as it is not a starting career, most of them will be strange.

write at the end

The rhythm of the World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server is really fast. After half a month, Brother G can’t even imagine what the game will look like. Maybe that time will be the moment when the wild group starts to really perform; because the first batch of training The number of the account has already enjoyed the first bonus of the version, and it is not ashamed to rely on technology to eat. And the next batch of numbers should be those “talkative players” we often encountered in the wild group shooting equipment before, but I don’t know what else they can do in the context of equipment falling on this scale. Space, I’m really looking forward to their performance.

——Every day, Brother G accompanies you to talk about the little things in the nostalgic server of World of Warcraft, and I hope everyone can avoid the pit perfectly.