World of Warcraft lucky players get two ultra-rare mounts on the same day

World of Warcraft lucky players get two ultra-rare mounts on the same day

A World of Warcraft player dropped two of the rarest mounts in the game on the same day. With a drop chance of less than 1% per mount, this player may be one of the luckiest players in World of Warcraft history.

Most WoW players and mount collectors know how difficult it is to acquire the Invincible and Headless Horseman mounts. World of Warcraft player Lyzosu showed off on a Reddit forum after acquiring both mounts on the same day.

Invincible is known as one of the rarest mounts in World of Warcraft. As the mount of the famous Lich King, the Reins of Invulnerability is a rare drop from Icecrown Citadel in Heroic Edition 25. Only one attempt per character is allowed per week, and invincibility is very rare. However, “The Headless Horseman’s Mount” is even rarer. Although each character can summon the Headless Horseman once per day, the Headless Horseman is only available during World of Warcraft’s Halloween event, making his rare mount one of the hardest to obtain.

Lyzosu’s luck is really hard to quantify. The Reins of Invulnerability have a drop chance of about 1%, while the Headless Horseman has a drop chance of about 0.4%. This means that the odds of Lyzosu getting both mounts on the same day are roughly 1 in 25,000.

Not surprisingly, many players are envious and jealous. Some of them naturally suggested that he hurry up and buy a lottery ticket, while others said that he might never see the seasoning packet when he eats instant noodles in the future. A player also suggested that he go to Karazhan to obtain the Fiery Warhorse, another extremely rare undead mount, from the hunter Artumen. Some players even joked that they can’t see the achievement, because the English “Invincible” of “Invincible” is similar to the “Invisible” of “Invisible”, also because it has a very low drop rate, almost no one has seen this mount, so the player gave it such a nickname.