“World of Warcraft” lucky players brush two ultra-rare mounts within one day, the probability is equivalent to winning the lottery

There are many lucky players in “World of Warcraft”. Lyzosu from the external server is one of them. In one day of playing the official server, he continuously brushed two ultra-rare mounts, namely the reins of the invincible and the headless knight.

Invincible is the mount of the final BOSS Arthas in the Lich King version, and the reins of invincibility are one of the rare drops of Icecrown Fortress for 25 heroes. It can only be played once a week. “Invisibility” (invisibility means invincibility). The Reins of the Headless Horseman is the drop mount of the Headless Horseman. It is only available during the annual Halloween event. Each character can be summoned once a day. It is one of the most difficult mounts to obtain among rare mounts.

The drop rate of invincibility is about 1%, while the drop rate of the headless horse mount is 0.4%. The combined drop rate of the two is about 1 in 25,000, which is equivalent to winning the lottery.

Lyzosu’s post on the forum attracted widespread onlookers. Many people suggested that he buy a lottery ticket, saying that he had used up his life’s luck, and some suggested that he should go to Karazhan to play midnight while he was hot.

Mount collection has become an important part of the gameplay of “World of Warcraft”. The official has also strengthened the reward of 500 mount achievements before, and for the editor, the DK horse is an eternal classic.