World of Warcraft: Daily introduction to WLK business skills, alchemy is actually a big pit

Let me talk to you about this. The daily business skills and CD benefits of the WLK version of World of Warcraft are only the current version. There are three daily skills in Dalaran, namely cooking fishing and jewelry. The cooking routine is basically two to three minutes. This thing can be done by everyone. If you don’t know how to cook, you can buy meat directly from AH and ask your friends to do it for you. Never buy finished products, because some people will raise the price. The income is 2 to 4 Northland spices, and a few peppers. Everyone knows the uses of Northland spices and peppers. The total income is more than 60G.

Everyday fishing can also be picked up by everyone, but there is no buff, and the fishing level is lower than 200. Even if the BUFF level is added to 200, the fishing will be garbage. There are no small treasure chests for all the current quest rewards. Except for some garbage, the editor has only made glowing bugs, compass, and water-soaked recipes. The recipe is a trigger task that can be traded, and there will be five brands of cooking rewards, which are about 200 if converted into G.

If you don’t have the full level, you still have more than 20,000 experience. In fact, the overall income is not much different from cooking. One soaking recipe a week is very good. Jewelry can only be picked up at level 420 every day. I don’t remember it now. It suddenly came out when I upgraded my skills. The current income is jewelry processing medals, which can be changed a day. This brand can be changed for blueprints or longan stones, longan A stone 200G, but now there should be few players who will change it.

Each drawing in the current version is a profit of several hundred gigabytes, and it is also an extremely stable source of income in the long run . To sum up, it is recommended that you do these daily tasks when you have time. Although it is not a lot of income, it will add up to a lot of money. There is still money for one monthly card every month. Then there is the tailor, which is similar to the previous version of the knight. If there is a specialization, the income is about 80G. At this stage, the demand for cloth is not very large, but the cost of washing cloth is not low, so it is not recommended for everyone to wash.

Alchemy actually has two CDs. The first one is a three-day 20-hour Comprehension CD. The income is extremely unstable, and the value of the items you open fluctuates a lot. This is a bit pitiful, but the cost is only 30G. The other is the element conversion CD. There is really no way to do this. It turns water into fire. I just rub this every day, and the income is 10G. It’s a bit of a pit, but it’s better than nothing. In fact, alchemy can only count on the follow-up purple gems. If you have any thoughts on this, you can comment in the message area.