World of Warcraft Classic: How to Roll the Vault? I won’t let what you don’t have, I must take what you have

World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server since the launch of the group book, the “warm” in the leveling stage has never been seen again. The three books have been played in a row and some spare ribs have been played, and the treasure house has played a group of people who are rolling. The final result is that everyone fights while playing. Quarrel during the game. In the past few days, Brother G has talked about TN subsidy and Tuan Shuang from 5H, but he has never mentioned the treasure house, because it is no problem to roll casually; but the recent treasure house group has gradually become irregular, and there is no need to discuss directly “All Roll”, The attitude of humility is gradually being replaced by “I won’t let what you don’t have, but I must take what you have”. Why does this happen?

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How does the treasure house Roll?

If there is a default rule that everyone can accept in the treasure inventory, it is that whoever lacks will roll whatever, and others will let it go. If the person who lacks equipment has said it in advance, others can let it go. After all, we have all heard it. “Give someone the fragrance of roses.” But since there have been a few players who still want to roll even if I have a certain piece of equipment, the default roll point of the treasure trove is messed up, and in the end, the 5H rule is even brought out to talk about it. In fact, this originally belonged to the two thing.

The level of 5H is not equal to the treasure house. There are only a few pieces of equipment that have graduated from P1 in some occupations, but the treasure house is different. The equipment that WLK cares about most is in the treasure house. Obtaining it at the P1 stage is equivalent to getting the P2 to join the team. In addition, from the dungeon setting, 5H belongs to the preschool level. The purpose is to replace the old equipment of TBC. At that time, everyone was in the state of just leaving the novice village, and there was empathy for helping each other. Besides, the 5H equipment was not worth much. ; But the treasure house is different. To put it bluntly, it is a setting where everyone can roll freely according to their abilities.

How to allocate the treasure trove reasonably?

For the same profession, competition is inevitable. If the treasure house will drop two pieces of a certain professional equipment, you may be able to convince another teammate of the same profession to have one, but you may not be able to convince them; but if the treasure house will drop 10 pieces of a certain equipment Professional equipment, then even less than half of one person. If we discuss the situation of the treasure trove chaotic Roll from the perspective of the improvement brought about, it is actually a bit of moral kidnapping. Two people who have never known each other, no matter who rolls, has improved, but one is at the level of character attributes, and the other is gold coins. On the level; if someone gives up, it can only mean that the player can deal with it, if not, there is actually no problem.

In the past few days, the G group has been arguing fiercely because of the cloth armor problem. Because of the existence of various talents, in fact, most occupations can wear cloth armor, but the attributes are not necessarily suitable for the fifth round, spirit, hit, and Chile. Finally helpless G group G to speak. The treasure house has been insulated from the G group model from the very beginning. Since everyone can roll, it only depends on luck. Letting it is a love, not letting it be a duty. Since the G group G speaks, it means the level of public order and good customs. It is more difficult to achieve in the game, but this does not mean that the treasure house should start a G group. Most of the groups with the rhythm of the treasure house G group recently are due to the lack of ribs.

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Although the treasure trove of World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server has a lot of disputes, and the equipment is not necessarily available, but if everyone can roll, it means there is hope to get it; if it becomes a G group mode, then there is no money. Stop talking, don’t even think about it. What’s more important is that although you can roll casually, there are still some players who stick to their own insistence. Compared with Roll to equipment to sell gold coins, as long as a teammate negotiates and communicates in advance, they will let it go, and even whoever gets the promotion will be rewarded. For whom, don’t just thank you when you meet such teammates, and play more together with friends in the future.

——Every day, Brother G accompanies you to talk about the little things in the nostalgic server of World of Warcraft, and I hope everyone can avoid the pit perfectly.