World of Warcraft Classic: Here it goes! Finally said that 10 people Naxxramas is difficult, what is the difficulty?

World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server currently has a Naxx team, and it is also divided into two modes: 10 and 25 players. Obsidian and Eternal Eye are not a must-play problem for some teams, but teammates don’t do it. matter of question. In contrast, the difficulty of Naxx is much more friendly. No matter whether the teammates do something or not, others still have a chance to remedy it, but recently there has been such a saying that it is finally difficult for 10-player Naxxramas, and this difficulty is It is more difficult than 25 Naxx, what is the difficulty?

Small comparison of 10 people and 25 people

If you have to say that 10-player Naxx is difficult, perhaps only the bug of Lao Ke can be called difficult, and the rest of the process basically does not have a place for card people. For example, the 25-player watershed Patchwick, for TN, the pressure is completely different, and the hatred attack is more than 2 times worse. Strictly speaking, 10-player Naxx is especially difficult for 5H books. As long as the ability of 10 people is slightly online, Then you can push it all the way to the end. On the contrary, once the 25-player Naxx gets stuck in a certain boss, it is easy to destroy it several times. Then the question comes, why is it so difficult?

The biggest difference between a 10-person Naxx and a 25-person Naxx is that it takes time to form a group. Quickly forming a group is the biggest feature of the 10-person Naxx. Although it is easy to form a group of 25 people, it is also easy to form a group of 25 people. , Playing 10 people is very worry-free. Branding and picking up parts are the core parts of 10-player Naxx. Although the equipment level is lower than 25 people, it is enough to cope with the current difficulty of WLK. So the problem is simple. To be able to say “10 people Naxx is too difficult!”, each version belongs to the level of the tail of the crane. This is also the first roar of WLK issued by “them”.

Say it out loud if you like paddling

For a 10-person Naxx and a 25-person Naxx, the former can accommodate up to 1 paddle, while the latter has about 3; 25-person Naxx needs a lot of people, although it is difficult to set up, but the fault tolerance rate is relatively high, 10-person Naxx is It is the main game of short, flat and fast, but this short, flat and fast still has some basic requirements for players, such as the team playing 3 treatment, it is clear that they want to mix! Although the difference between the 10-man Naxx and the brand team is not big, at least the respect should be given, right? With such an attitude, can 10 people still play “3+1” and “2+1”?

In Brother G’s cognition, in addition to 3+1 and 2+1 in the P1 stage of WLK, if you think that 10 people are more difficult than 25 people, then it only shows one problem; if 10 of the 25 people team come out to play 10 people Naxx, and still feel a bit difficult, it means that half of the teammates in the 25 people are carried forward by other teammates, and the half teammates are not necessarily very strong, but the group of people who are dragged away are either subjective. Paddle, or mix, or you won’t be able to play such a “stimulating” effect.

write at the end

World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server P1 stage 10 people can’t see anything, and when P2 sees Ulduar’s outfit, everyone will understand how good the 10-player Naxx is. No matter if you want to keep up with the version, or you want to stabilize the gap with the top team, the 10-person group is the first choice for casual players. The process is not so tiring, the equipment is not so bad, and the time-consuming is not so long. Difficult, it is recommended to return to 60 permanent server Naxx to correct his thinking and come back.

——Every day, Brother G accompanies you to talk about the little things in the nostalgic server of World of Warcraft, and I hope everyone can avoid the pit perfectly.