World of Warcraft: Blizzard sued NetEase, yes, this incident also has a reversal!

There was a very popular news about Blizzard and Netease before, saying that Netease sued Blizzard, and Blizzard owed Netease 300 million. I believe many players are very impressed with this incident, but this incident has not passed 24 hours. A reversal occurred, which was completely an oolong incident. NetEase did not sue Blizzard at all, and Blizzard did not receive a court summons. It was a player who sued Blizzard, and then the matter disappeared.

But recently Blizzard and NetEase have filed a lawsuit again. Of course, this time the defendant has become the plaintiff, and the plaintiff has become the defendant. It seems a little dizzy. Yes, Blizzard sued NetEase this time. The reason for Blizzard’s lawsuit against NetEase is: NetEase Infringed its trademark and copyright. The court session is scheduled for June 1st, Children’s Day, and I don’t know how many people will be there to watch.

Many small partners probably don’t understand this operation. Didn’t Blizzard just thank China for passing the Microsoft acquisition, and also said that it must bring a better game experience to players on the national server, but now the national server does not have a server. Know what gaming experience Blizzard will bring. In fact, why the domestic government passed this acquisition case, everyone knows very well that Blizzard games have no impact on the country at all, and it doesn’t matter whether Microsoft’s acquisition is successful or not. After all, the current Blizzard games do not have servers in the national server.

The acquisition was just to give Microsoft a face, and then Blizzard apologized to NetEase. In everyone’s opinion, this is Blizzard’s intention to cooperate with NetEase again. For Warcraft players, this is a good thing. There is hope, but this matter has not passed. Two days later, Blizzard turned back and sued NetEase. This matter is very interesting.

The following is the reversal of the incident. Yes, Blizzard is actually suing Leihuo this time. The cause is a certain veteran uniform of Shunhuonuan. The lawsuit is not NetEase, so this incident probably has nothing to do with the national service. It was Leihuo who caused the fire by himself. Of course, Leihuo is also very clear to everyone. Compared with Blizzard, Blizzard may be a younger brother. There are also rumors from some players, saying that NetEase has been canceled. In fact, this is old and old. Hangzhou NetEase did cancel, but that was 10 years ago. I don’t know which marketing account dug it up recently. Come out, Shanghai NetEase signed a contract with Blizzard, and it is still there, and the legal representative is still Zhang Dong. Dear friends, don’t be tempted. If you have any opinions on this, you can comment in the message area.