World of Warcraft Age of Dragons: Healing Techniques and Talent Selection

World of Warcraft Dragon Age: Preface

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In terms of Raid’s talent selection, although the benefits of space-time aberrations are really high, to the point of outrageous, but the fly in the ointment is that the mana consumption is too high, and some strange bugs will be stuck from time to time, causing space-time The deformed body was thrown out, but it was not thrown in the desired position, directly wasting 1w8 blue.

And if the simple card cd loses the space-time abnormality, including all the means that can restore blue, such as: blue song, magic tide, mana potion, emerald fusion and natural recovery, etc., the amount of blue can only be restored. Support 2 minutes 30 seconds -3 minutes and 20 seconds of battle.

Therefore, the time-space anomaly is a successful talent, and it is also a failed talent, so in terms of talent selection, we can also give up the time-space anomaly and put the talent on other things, such as [Exciting Burst].

Fortunately, En Nu’s treatment method does not simply rely on space-time anomalies to make up for the gap with other occupations.

In the talent selection of rice, he completely gave up stasis, gave up any talent on the tenth floor of grace, took the purest DPS route, and put all the bonus points on increasing damage, and the talent of stasis is currently only in Only make choices under the pressure of treatment, such as: Ruby and Blue, I will point to stagnation in these two dungeons to supplement the burst method.

Before understanding Enguard, the first thing we need to do is to understand the matching between each skill and talent of Enguard. I am in this part: [ [10_0 Beta] [Dragon Age] Evoker Enguard Advanced Guide& Talent details ] was mentioned slightly, but it still didn’t achieve the effect I expected.

Where is the problem? In the final analysis, it may be that there is a certain misunderstanding about Enguard, and this misunderstanding is also expanding inadvertently.

Enguard’s Core Skills Q&A

The answer is definitely not space-time anomalies, but [Echo] .

Q: Why do you say this? First of all, you need to understand the description of the [Echo] skill, as follows:

Covers an ally with Temporal Energy, healing him for [200%–>120% Spell Power], and causes your next non-echoing healing spell to cast an additional 105% of normal healing on that ally.

A: Let’s extract the key words, what is the most important description for echo, “make your next non-echoing healing spell cast an additional time on this ally”, which means to copy your non-echoing healing spell.

Q: What do you mean?

A: You cast “Echo” on target A, and cast healing spells other than echo on target B, such as reversal, verdant embrace, dream breath, emerald flower, activating flame, etc. All healing spells can be copied for you to target A.

So, our technique came into being. In the case of the maximum amount of essence, we can use 3 echoes, which is the so-called 3, and we use other skills once, which is the so-called 1, which is abbreviated as: 3+1 .

As the big brother in the small outbreak, stasis is definitely an important means of bursting the group in the Raid environment.

And the core of [Echo] is that it can copy the same target, use [Echo] on target A , and then use other skills, such as when emergency, you can directly echo + Green Embrace, super large monomer Outbreak, more than Lay on Hands.

Q: The core skills of Enguard have been learned, so what are the core healing skills of Enguard?

A: The answer is also very simple, it is [reverse] , we keep copying [reverse] BUFF through 3+1, or 1+1 .

Q: Why copy reversal?

A: After the talents [Golden Moment] and [Abide by the Time] are selected, the healing amount of reversal is absolutely no worse than that of any healing spell. More objectively, the duration of [Reversal] can be extended by crit, which is It means that [reversal] has infinite possibilities. In fact, [reversal] did not disappoint us. Its proportion is really high, and it is also very practical.

But in many environments, such as reversal is in a cooling state, or if we want to save an emergency/group lift, we can choose to copy other skills, such as Green Embrace, or instant activated flame, or spiritual flower, dreamland Breath, etc., but the copy of dream breath can only copy the initial healing amount and cannot copy the subsequent HOT, which needs to be paid attention to.

The new method cycle diagram