“World of Warcraft” 10.0 was launched on the eve, overseas players: the changes are very good, but there are a lot of bugs

On October 27th, World of Warcraft officially launched on the eve of the 10.0 “Dragon Age”. Players can experience the new version of the talent system, new UI and other content in advance. Compared with the many complaints when the “Dragon Age” version was released, many players have greatly improved their views on the new version after experiencing the content on the eve.

1) The open talent tree brings new experiences to the differences.

“Don’t brag about it, the new version looks good. It’s the first version that makes me want to return to World of Warcraft since Legion came back.”

“The talent tree has a taste of the old days, it’s awesome!”

“I really like the new talent tree, and it seems that the word of mouth is also very good, and it will probably be the most popular content in the new version.

The openness of the talent tree this time allows players to try different ideas. ”

“It’s been a long time since I had a new experience with a new class. The new talent system is indeed a great change. This time the design is finally not designed to end the game.”

“The new UI is also great, it allows me to turn off a bunch of plugins, and the interface runs more smoothly. Although I still need to adjust some UI options, I am satisfied with this change. I hope Blizzard can continue to improve, don’t Let players continue to be disappointed.”

“AFK returns a year and a half later on the eve of Age of Dragons. After the initial setup and re-adjustment, the experience is honestly not bad. Hope Age of Dragons can maintain the iterative momentum and level from 9.2.5.”

“First “Dragon Family”, and now “Dragon Age”, 2022 is a surprise year for dragon lovers”

PS: “Dragon Family” is a spin-off of Game of Thrones, and it has always had a good reputation since its broadcast.

2) The changes are nice, but the eve patch seems to be half-baked.

“So far, the Eve patch has a lot of bugs and bugs, much more than Shadowlands, Battle for Azeroth, etc. I doubt that Age of Dragons can get better, and it feels It won’t be long before everyone will miss Shadowlands.”

“The Age of Dragons is honestly a failure. Judging from the patch on the eve, the talent tree is complex and scary, there are too many bugs, and the UI is broken. It can almost be said to be a version with zero advantages.”

“During the testing phase, I reported a bunch of bugs to Blizzard, such as when the Warlock talent was just opened, the release of Shadow Flame, the trigger consumption of the recoil talent, and the enchantment UI problem, etc. These bugs have not been fixed yet. I Bet they’ll still be around even when the official version of Age of Dragons goes live.

The above bug was not fixed, which confused me, after all I reported it many times a few months ago. ”

“Unfortunately, even though all the big Vs have reported bugs in the testing phase to Blizzard, these bugs have not been fixed when the new version is released. I think these bugs should have been dealt with when the big event of the patch launch happened on the eve of the eve. No. I’d love to try the Dragon Age version, but I’m annoyed at Blizzard’s attitude.”

“Originally, Blizzard could fix the game and wait for it to be released in late January, but they themselves had to release a new version before Christmas, and before that, players’ expectations were extended to the next year. Maybe someone strangled Blizzard executives. The neck wants them to be sure to release a new version in November.

Well now, players’ attention is drawn to a lot of bugs, and developers have to spend weeks trying to fix them.

It’s a very stupid vicious circle, and developers are left to work their hardest. ”

“Yes, as many beta players and big Vs have said, Age of Dragons is not actually ready for release, and there are still a lot of bugs.

But at least we can leave Shadowlands. ”

“The eve patch feels like a meaningless update. Log in – see talents – log out – AFK 2 weeks and other official versions. Or go to PVP to experience an invincible monk.”