“World of Warcraft” 10.0 players can support the two camps of the Black Dragon at the same time and obtain their exclusive titles

“World of Warcraft” announced two new titles for 10.0, obtained by helping the two branches of the Black Dragon Legion, Wrathion and Sabelian, who compete for the throne respectively, and completing the corresponding tasks.

Wrathion has been added since the Cataclysm, and there are not many scenes in the recent versions. Fortunately, the new version returns to the theme of the dragon. If the player helps him ascend to the throne and fills the reputation of his faction, he can get “the Loyalty to the Prince” (temporarily translated “loyal to the prince”) achievement, and the title of “Agent of the Black Prince” (temporarily translated “agent of the Black Dragon Prince”).

Sabelian, one of Deathwing’s direct descendants, has been active in Outland since the Burning Crusade, and also makes a strong comeback in the new edition, leading a group of uncorrupted black dragons back to Azeroth to compete for the throne. If the player helps him, he can get the achievement “The Obsidian Bloodline” (tentatively translated “Obsidian Bloodline”) and the title of “Paragon of the Obsidian Brood” (tentatively translated “Obsidian Family Paragon”).

Wrathion and Sabelian exist as competitors, and the player has the power to decide the successor of Deathwing, and needs to choose a qualified Black Dragonflight leader between the two. However, unlike TBC’s Aldo and astrologer, and WLK’s werewolves and murlocs in Shoraza Basin, the two factions are not completely opposed, and there is no conflict or reduction in reputation, which means that players can pedal two boats, and at the same time Support the propositions of the two and get achievements, titles, and various prop rewards for the two camps respectively.

Obsidian Whelpling is one of two exclusive rewards for Wrathion:

Wrathion and Sabelian are both popular characters. The two black dragons will hand over the final decision to the player, allowing the player to choose who is more qualified to inherit the throne. The peaceful competition between the two is also a major feature of the new version. Aspect.

In addition, the “World of Warcraft” official recently announced that the PVP and epic dungeon keys of the current season will end on October 25th, which is the date of the 10.0 pre-installation patch, and the game will open related activities at the same time until the official release of the expansion pack.