“World of Warcraft” 10.0 added the “Double Fly” function, friends turned into dragons and flew together

“World of Warcraft” 10.0 will launch the “Dual Mount” function, and the official push releases a video demonstration.

Royal Dragon Flight is one of the characteristic gameplays of 10.0. On the basis of the original flying mounts, the gameplay has been deeply excavated to achieve the effect of simulated flight and racing games. The official is now promoting its new effect, and multiple people can fly together.

Players must first find an NPC to activate this ability, and the NPC is the dragon trainer of the new map. After activation, squad members add an interactive icon. You can right-click on a friend’s avatar and invite them to fly together. Interestingly, the invited person does not ride a dragon, but transforms into a small dragonfly and travels with him like a pet. You can also ask an NPC to turn off this “hitchhiker” feature.

From the demonstration animation, the transformed little blue dragon is the same color as the mount, and it is not clear whether there will be other colors in the future. In addition, you can only take one person at a time when flying in a companionship, and you cannot overload.

The setting similar to the baby dragon is cute and innovative. I hope 10.0 will add more interesting settings.