Women’s basketball coach: No one can replace Shao Ting’s role in welcoming her back

Shao Ting

  Beijing time on October 12th, in the recently concluded Women’s Basketball World Cup, the Chinese women’s basketball team reached the final and won the runner-up, tying the best result in team history. The next important goal of the Chinese women’s basketball team is undoubtedly the 2024 Paris Olympics. The team is also summarizing its own problems and shortcomings after winning the World Cup runner-up. Zheng Wei, the head coach of the Chinese women’s basketball team, said that the role of the old captain Shao Ting is irreplaceable. , welcome her back.

  The Chinese women’s basketball team exposed some problems at the World Cup. One of them is that the striker is relatively weak. After Li Meng was absent due to illness, the striker’s strength was greatly reduced. Absence for other reasons is not irrelevant.

  Zheng Wei, the head coach of the Chinese women’s basketball team, said frankly in an interview: “Like Han Xu, Li Yueru, Li Yuan, and Zhang Ru, these young players were born around 2000 and are still growing up. Coupled with the experienced Shao Ting did not participate in the competition with the team. In terms of the overall strength of the team, compared with the Tokyo Olympics, Shao Ting’s position and role cannot be replaced for the time being.”

  When Li Meng was absent, Zhang Ru and Jin Weina, who replaced her, were active in fighting and defending, but they were not so strong on offense. Zheng Wei said that the team’s main lineup framework will not change much, but Shao Ting and other experienced veterans, as long as their physical conditions allow and the players themselves have the will, the coaching staff welcomes them back at any time.

  In addition, Zheng Wei also mentioned in particular: “Everyone has seen this World Cup. Lauren Jackson of the Australian team is still playing at the age of 41.”

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