With a budget of less than 1500, Honor Play 40 Plus is worth buying compared to competing products at the same price?

Some time ago, a friend asked me that if the budget is less than 1500, I want to replace the elderly with a cost-effective 5G mobile phone with a relatively good overall experience, and then listed three models: Honor Play 40 Plus, OPPO A57, And vivo Y33s, I have a general look, the three models are in line with his needs in terms of price, so are the differences in experience and segmentation obvious? With a budget of 1500 in hand, how should you choose? Today, in this article, we will briefly summarize it for you!

Appearance design

When choosing a mobile phone, the appearance is always an inescapable link. As a “commodity”, the excellent ID design of mobile phones can obviously give it a lot of points, especially the close touch such as offline stores. In the scene, users can intuitively compare the appearance details, workmanship performance and so on!

In this regard, the three models can be said to have their own characteristics. Of course, the main differences are basically concentrated in the design of the back. Let’s first look at the Honor Play 40 Plus, which adopts a relatively rounded design style. The back of the Honor Play 40 Plus is a hyperboloid design that fits the palm of your hand when you hold it, and it feels softer in the hand!

In the upper left corner, the Honor Play 40 Plus uses a set of camera modules that are independently placed with double rings. At the same time, a unique halo texture is made around the periphery of the lens. This color scheme in our hands is called “Titanium Air Silver”. For the matte texture, it is really nice in the light!

Next, let’s look at OPPO A57. This machine adopts a completely different design style from Honor Play 40 Plus. The whole is tougher. The middle frame is straight-cut vertical edge shape. The back panel is also a flat design with a frosted surface. , the color scheme in our hands is “Deep Sea Blue”, whether it is for dad or mom, there is no problem!

The camera module in the upper left corner of the mobile phone, OPPO A57 adopts a matrix-type tough style that is more suitable for the body. The two lenses are placed up and down in a double ring, and the entire lens module also uses a two-color stitching style, which looks like Very chic!

If vivo Y33s is given to mother, it is still very girlish. This color scheme in our hand is called “Chu Xue Dawn”. The surface is bright and glitter powder and diamond color rays are incorporated inside, which has a blingbling effect!

The camera module in the upper left corner is still vivo’s consistent design language, with a matrix layout of rounded rectangles, two lenses are arranged vertically, and the flash is placed in the middle on the right!

screen specifications

In terms of screen specifications, the three mobile phones are basically maintained at an excellent level in the same price range, but there are still some differences in details!

Among them, the Honor Play 40 Plus uses a 6.74-inch teardrop-shaped LCD display that supports 90Hz high refresh rate; OPPO A57 uses a 6.56-inch teardrop-shaped display that also supports 90Hz high refresh rate; vivo Y33s screen The size is 6.51 inches, which is the smallest among the three, and the refresh rate only supports 60Hz. In this regard, Honor Play 40 Plus and OPPO A57 have a big advantage!

Battery life & fast charge

For a thousand-yuan phone, battery life and fast charging performance must be very important points, especially for middle-aged and elderly users, their use scenarios have higher demand for battery life, and there is no need to charge as needed. habit, so a large battery has become a basic requirement!

In this regard, the Honor Play 40 Plus has a built-in 6000mAh large-capacity battery, and both the OPPO A57 and vivo Y33s are equipped with a 5000mAh battery. From the data point of view, the Honor Play 40 Plus has obvious advantages! Of course, we also conducted corresponding battery life tests for the three mobile phones!

We conducted a 60-minute power consumption test under the same Wi-Fi environment at room temperature for the video content most used by middle-aged and elderly people. Adjust the screen brightness and system volume of the three mobile phones to 50%. Since the vivo Y33s only supports a 60Hz refresh rate, we unify the screen refresh rate to 60Hz, and then open the video playback software to play the same source 720P content online!

From the actual test results, the Honor Play 40 Plus consumes 5% of the power, the OPPO A57 consumes 8% of the power, and the vivo Y33s consumes 6% of the power. In comparison, the Honor Play 40 Plus with a 6000mAh battery does perform better with the support of a larger screen!

In terms of fast charging, the Honor Play 40 Plus comes standard with a set of 22.5W fast chargers, the OPPO A57 comes standard with a 10W fast charger, and the vivo Y33s comes with a power adapter with a maximum output of 18W. In terms of specifications, the Honor Play 40 Plus still leads by a large margin. Of course, the Honor Play 40 Plus also has the largest battery capacity. How about the actual charging speed? Next we conducted a 60-minute blood return test!

We consumed the power of the three mobile phones to 1%, and then charged them at the same room temperature. From the measured data, the OPPO A57 was basically defeated from the beginning because it was only equipped with a 10W charging head. In the first half, thanks to the smaller battery capacity, the vivo Y33s has a strong momentum under the 18W fast charge, but the 22.5W of the Honor Play 40 Plus has a lot of stamina. The time has been completely tied, the 60-minute test is completed, the Honor Play 40 Plus is charged to 70%, the OPPO A57 is charged to 44%, and the vivo Y33s is back to 68%. Relatively speaking, the Honor Play 40 Plus still has an advantage !

photo performance

I don’t know what your parents’ habits are in their daily life. Anyway, when my parents go out, no matter what their photography skills are, they always like to hold up and open the camera when they encounter beautiful scenery or fun moments. open. Therefore, although we bought a thousand yuan machine, we still hope that the camera performance can be as good as possible!

In this regard, the Honor Play 40 Plus is equipped with a set of 50MP + 2MP dual cameras, while the OPPO A57 and vivo Y33s are equipped with a set of 13MP + 2MP dual cameras. From the data From the above, Honor Play 40 Plus has certain advantages! Of course, some people may also say that “the higher the pixel, the better”, so let’s talk with proofs!

It can be seen that in the scene with relatively sufficient light during the day, the overall imaging performance of the three mobile phones is still remarkable among the models of the same level, but after zooming in, you will find that the three mobile phones still have There are certain differences, such as the third group of photos, the building in the far upper left corner, the vivo Y33s is basically blurred, and the wires in front are also smeared intermittently. In comparison, the Honor Play 40 Plus is relatively well preserved. The details of the picture, while the overall color is more pleasing.

Looking at the night scene that relatively tests the shooting ability of the mobile phone, taking this sample with complex lighting and large contrast between light and dark, we can clearly see that the Honor Play 40 Plus not only controls the noise in the dark part of the picture very well , while suppressing the highlights of the billboard to a certain extent, retaining more detailed information. There is very obvious noise in the sky of OPPO A57. Although the sky part of vivo Y33s looks relatively pure, it is obviously difficult to process the billboards in the highlighted areas, resulting in a poor overall look and feel of the picture!

In addition, it is worth mentioning that with the blessing of the 50-megapixel high-pixel main camera, the Honor Play 40 Plus also provides a “high-pixel” shooting mode. In this mode, the phone can shoot 50-megapixel high-quality images. For photos, the details are more abundant after zooming in, which is still very competitive for a thousand yuan machine!

Storage Specifications

In terms of storage specifications, the three models are all available in 8GB+256GB versions, but unfortunately, when purchasing vivo Y33s, we asked many channels and were told that they were out of stock, so we only bought 8GB +128GB version! At present, the Honor Play 40 Plus 8GB+256GB version is priced at 1599 yuan. For comparison, the 8GB+256GB version of the OPPO A57 and vivo Y33s are both priced at 1899 yuan. That is to say, the Honor Play 40 Plus has a lower price and higher capacity. Not small at all!

The benefits brought by the large capacity are very obvious, especially for the elderly who like to take pictures at every turn. 256GB can store more than 60,000 photos. If you like to follow dramas, you can also store nearly a thousand episodes of TV series, which is very cool. The three phones are still quite powerful in this regard!

In addition, in terms of storage, the default maximum of the three mobile phones is 8GB. Among them, the Honor Play 40 Plus and OPPO A57 also provide an additional 5GB of storage expansion on this basis, that is, 8GB+5GB to achieve a 13GB storage experience. In comparison, vivo Y33s provides 8GB+4GB expansion. Larger storage specifications can provide better basic guarantees for the operation of large-scale software and multi-task scheduling. This is also a parameter that everyone pays more attention to in the process of purchasing mobile phones!

performance output

Although game performance is not the main direction for a thousand yuan machine, relatively stronger performance is also very important for the control experience of using neutralization. After all, playing games when you are free is also very important. Basic needs of everyone!

In terms of configuration specifications, both the Honor Play 40 Plus and vivo Y33s are equipped with a Dimensity 700 5G SoC from MediaTek. The OPPO A57 has a relatively higher specification and is equipped with a Dimensity 810 processor also from MediaTek. . How does it actually perform? We used the game “Honor of Kings” to test the three models, and synchronously used the infrared temperature gun to record the fever of the fuselage!

From the current situation, all three mobile phones only support the 60-frame mode of “Honor of Kings”. We set the frame rate to high, select ultra-high resolution, standard camera height, turn on anti-aliasing, and turn off dynamic resolution. , select the high-definition picture quality, turn on the water reflection effect, and then test it in a room with a room temperature of about 23°C!

From the data recorded by PerfDog, it can be clearly seen that the overall performance of the three mobile phones is still very good among the models of the same level, and they can basically reach the level of close to full frame that they can support! Among them, Honor Play 40 Plus has an average frame rate of 59.8FPS and a stable frame index of 0.3; OPPO A57 has an average frame rate of 60.2FPS and a stable frame index of 0.4; vivo Y33s has an average frame rate of 59.5FPS and a stable frame index of 1.1!

Combined with the frame rate curve, although the Honor Play 40 Plus is equipped with a Dimensity 700 processor, its overall performance is very close to that of the OPPO A57 equipped with the Dimensity 810. Compared with the vivo Y33s equipped with the same processor, it has obvious advantages. , the comprehensive power consumption data is also the best among the three. It can also be seen from this that although it is a thousand yuan phone, Honor has also put a lot of effort into the software tuning of the mobile phone!

In terms of body heat, the highest temperature of Honor Play 40 Plus is displayed as 35.1°C; the highest temperature of OPPO A57 is displayed as 35.7°C; vivo Y33s is displayed as 35.6°C. The difference between mobile phones is very small, and the overall heating performance is well controlled. In terms of data, Honor Play 40 Plus still has a small advantage!

write at the end

In fact, after comparing the experience, it is not difficult to see that at the price range of around 1500 yuan, whether it is Honor Play 40 Plus, OPPO A57, or vivo Y33s, the overall performance is very good! Especially the Honor Play 40 Plus, which has a 6000mAh super-capacity battery + 22.5W fast charge combination, which is very important for middle-aged and elderly users! Moreover, with the blessing of the 50-megapixel main camera, its camera performance is relatively the best among the three mobile phones! So, if you have a budget of 1500 yuan, which one of the three mobile phones will you choose? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to interact!