Win11 preview version adds a new feature: you can directly open the mobile phone hotspot through the Wi-Fi panel

Today, Microsoft routinely pushed the 25231 preview update for the Dev channel, bringing a number of new features related tests.

After this update, users can directly open the hotspot of the phone on the computer and connect, without the need to manually open the hotspot on the phone.

It is reported that the realization of this function is based on the “mobile phone connection” application of Win11.

After the user’s mobile phone is connected to the computer through the application, the user can select the mobile phone hotspot in the Wi-Fi panel list and connect directly.

During this process, the user does not need to perform any operations on the mobile phone and does not need to enter a password.

However, at present, this function is only suitable for Samsung mobile phones running OneUI 4.1.1 or later, and the computer must have a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapter, and the “mobile phone connection” application version v1.22082.111.0 or higher is installed.

In addition to this feature, the 25231 preview update also brings a new version of the taskbar specifically optimized for tablets.