Will the U.S. still sell arms to Taiwan? For us, what kind of American weapons does the Taiwan military buy pose a big threat?

Will the US continue to sell arms to Taiwan?

No matter from which point of view, the US arms sales to Taiwan are absolutely intolerable provocations for us, and we are firmly opposed to it.

But the United States now wants to curb China’s development, playing cards one by one, only to find that the more they play, the fewer they become .

Economic sanctions against China , but found that China’s economy has not yet been sanctioned, and the US’s own economy is about to “slight recession” .

Chip sanctions against China , as a result, China’s own chip technology continues to break through , the 28nm process has achieved mass production, and is conquering 14nm.

Not to mention militarily , the island chain has been blocked for so many years, and as a result, everyone has discovered that the distance between the activities of the US aircraft carrier is getting farther and farther .

One card after another, as China’s development fails , the United States can only play the Taiwan card over and over again .

Selling arms to Taiwan is the main way the US plays the Taiwan card.

In recent years, the United States has begun to recklessly sell offensive weapons and equipment to Taiwan , including M1A2T tanks and Harpoon anti-ship missiles.

However, in the author’s opinion, these offensive weapons are powerful, but for us, the Taiwan army’s acquisition of these weapons and equipment does not pose much threat .

Because these weapons and equipment need to be used systematically and systematically in order to play a great role.

However, in the face of the overwhelming advantages of the PLA ‘s combat system , the Taiwanese army could not use these weapons and equipment at all.

Therefore, what the Taiwan military can pose a threat to us are those weapons that are not very powerful, but can be separated from the system and can be used by only a few people.

For example , the “Javelin” and “Spike” two anti-tank missiles.

The “Javelin” anti-tank missile is the third-generation individual anti-tank missile developed by the United States , and the “Spike” is the fourth-generation anti-tank missile developed by Israel and purchased by the United States .

What we’re talking about here is the single-soldier “spike” .

The characteristics of these two missiles are that they can be used by only two people or even one person, which are especially suitable for the remaining “Taiwan independence” diehards .

Moreover, these two missiles have a strong damage effect on our main battle tanks, and the attack on our other army vehicles is even more powerful.

Such weapons and equipment can pose no small threat to us.

After we launched the campaign to attack Taiwan, the formed Taiwan army units will be wiped out very soon .

Most of the soldiers of the Taiwan Army will not resist stubbornly after seeing that the situation is over, but the problem lies in a small number of “Taiwan independence” diehards .

These diehards certainly have no ability to change the overall situation, but if they attack our troops, it will also cause casualties to our troops.

This is to be avoided as much as possible .

How to guard against individual anti-tank missiles? It is a good choice to install an active defense system on the tank .

Whether it is “Javelin” or “Spike”, the flight speed of these two missiles is not fast , and our active defense system has a high degree of certainty to intercept them.

At the same time, reasonable infantry-tank coordination tactics can also effectively restrain anti-tank missiles.

Judging from the actual combat situation abroad, the tanks destroyed by individual anti-tank missiles are basically out of the coordination of the infantry, without the assistance of the infantry to observe , only to be destroyed by the ambush anti-tank missiles.

Step-tank coordination is a basic subject of the People’s Liberation Army , and we don’t have to worry about this aspect.

In addition to anti-tank missiles, small suicide drones like the “Switchblade” are also weapons that can pose a threat to us without an organization.

Compared with the above two anti-tank missiles, the “Switchblade” UAV is more powerful, but its weaknesses are also easier to target .

The power of the Switchblade lies in its range and convenience .

Only one person can use the “Switchblade” drone to attack targets dozens of kilometers away .

This means that the “Taiwan independence” diehards can escape into the deep mountains and then use the “Switchblade” drone to attack us.

If it is not dealt with, the “Taiwan independence” diehards will easily use such drones, causing casualties to our military and civilians.

However, as a remote-controlled flying drone, it is not difficult for us to target the “Switchblade”.

The “Switchblade” drone needs to rely on GPS positioning to fly , so we can interfere with the GPS signal .

Under the circumstance that we have taken the initiative in Taiwan , we have the ability to effectively interfere with GPS signals, whether military or civilian, through ground and air cooperation .

As for the positioning requirements on the island, we still have Beidou without GPS .

Jamming out the GPS will greatly reduce the power of the Switchblade drone.

Moreover, the “Switchblade” UAV does not fly at a low altitude and is manually operated, so it is difficult to use the terrain to avoid the early warning aircraft radar in the air .

So as long as we take some targeted measures, the “Switchblade” drone is a threat to us, but it is not as big as the “Javelin” and “Spike” .

Then a US weapon is the “Stinger” , the classic individual anti-aircraft missile , which is a great threat to our helicopters and transports.

Especially our transport aircraft. After we liberate Taiwan, within a certain period of time, our transport planes will also transport various important materials to take off and land at Taiwan’s airports .

If there are “Taiwan independence” diehards holding the “stinger” given by the Americans, squatting near the airport and ambush our transport planes that are taking off and landing , it will be more dangerous for our transport planes.

Faced with such a threat, we can do both.

One solution is to conduct a meticulous inspection of several kilometers near the airport and use drones to monitor whether suspicious persons are approaching the airport.

Another solution is to equip our transport aircraft with infrared jamming bombs to interfere with the Stinger missile lock and use a fast takeoff and landing method of flight.

As an individual air defense missile, the “Stinger” missile has limited space for the seeker, and can be effectively interfered by using infrared jamming bombs .

The rapid takeoff and landing can reduce the time that the transport aircraft is exposed to the “Stinger” range , and can also reduce the “Stinger” threat to our transport aircraft.

If these three weapons of the US military fall into the hands of “Taiwan independence” diehards and are not dealt with in a targeted manner, they will pose a great security threat to our troops and people.

“Stinger” and “Javelin”, the Taiwan Army has purchased equipment, “Spike” and “Switchblade”, we should pay attention to whether the United States will sell it to the Taiwan Army in the future.

If these weapons of the US military are acquired by the Taiwan army, the threat to us cannot be underestimated .