Will the new car companies that break into the “200,000” camp shuffle the cards for “Wei Xiaoli”?

The turmoil of the “first echelon” of the new car-making force is no longer news. New players represented by Nezha and Leapao are constantly impacting the competitive landscape formed by “Wei Xiaoli”.

Following “Wei Xiaoli”, the new energy vehicle “200,000 delivery” camp has welcomed a new member.

Delivery “impulse” accelerated

About a week before the end of October, a poster spread inside Nezha. With more than 18,000 deliveries in September, the cumulative delivery of Nezha officially exceeded 200,000.

In the eyes of industry insiders, the delivery of 100,000 vehicles and the delivery of 200,000 vehicles are two important nodes for the development of new forces. For all new car-building forces that start from scratch, it generally takes a long time to complete the delivery of the first 100,000 vehicles. For example, Xiaopeng Motors took 48 months, but the completion of the second 100,000 vehicles is The embodiment of enterprise maturity, including production, supply chain, marketing strategy, etc.

In January this year, the delivery of Nezha vehicles exceeded 100,000 vehicles. Eight months later, this new car-making force ushered in its second milestone, and the pace was faster than the market expected.

Reviewing its monthly delivery performance since the beginning of this year, it achieved 11,000 deliveries in a single month in January, and then increased month by month. It exceeded 16,000 in June and reached 18,000 in September, which not only set the highest single-month delivery in the history of Nezha, but also It is also the peak monthly delivery among the new forces.

The rapid growth allowed it to complete the second delivery of 100,000 units in 8 months, which is also one of the fastest among the new forces.

In contrast, NIO, the first among the new power auto companies to complete the delivery of 200,000 vehicles, took nearly 12 months to complete the second delivery of 100,000 vehicles.

Li Auto took 10 months to complete the second delivery of 100,000 vehicles, which was shorter than NIO’s two months. At the same time, it is worth noting that when it exceeded the delivery of 200,000 vehicles, it only had 2 models, including Ideal ONE and Li Li L9, which has just started delivery, but because the L9 is still in the climbing stage and the delivery volume is small, the company almost relies on the Li Li ONE model to “beat the country”.

Similar to Nezha, Xiaopeng Motors took about 8 months to achieve the second goal of 100,000 vehicles. However, after the 200,000-vehicle mark, the two have taken different trajectories: the ramp-up in the production capacity of the G9 model has affected the delivery data of Xiaopeng Motors in the past two months, and its delivery volume in September was less than half of that of Nezha.

As of September 30, there are currently 4 figures from the new forces that have delivered 200,000 vehicles. Weilai Automobile has delivered a total of 249,504 vehicles. Although Xiaopeng Motors has not updated the data, the reporter calculates that it has reached 230,000 vehicles, and Li Auto has delivered a total of 211,015 vehicles. , Nezha Auto delivered a total of 2,088,515 vehicles.

With the efforts of the second echelon of new car-making forces headed by Nezha Automobile and Leapmotor, the first-mover advantage of “Weixiaoli” is shrinking.

Overseas delivery as a bright spot

The fact that Nezha Auto can complete the second delivery of 100,000 vehicles in just 8 months is inseparable from the current rapid growth of the new energy industry.

According to data from the China Passenger Transport Association, the retail sales of the new energy market in 2021 will be nearly 2.99 million, with a growth rate of 169%. The growth continues. The sales volume of the new energy market in the first nine months of this year has exceeded 3.87 million units, which is more than that of the whole of last year. Compared with the sales volume of about 1.11 million units in 2020, the sales volume of China’s new energy market has increased in less than two years. More than 2 million vehicles.

At the same time, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles has also increased. In the first nine months of this year, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles has reached 26.1%, while the penetration rate of new energy vehicles in the whole of last year was only 14.8%. Penetration rose by more than 11 percentage points.

Industry insiders believe that the substantial increase in the growth rate of China’s new energy market has increased the penetration rate of new energy in the Chinese market, which provides a rare opportunity for new car manufacturers. It shows the innovative ability of its brand, and its products have been recognized by the market and users. The most intuitive way to express it is sales. The benefit of Nezha Auto is the most obvious.

At present, the company has 3 products on sale, including Nezha N01, Nezha V, and Nezha U.

From the data list released by the China Passenger Transport Association, it is found that Nezha U and Nezha V ranked 6th and 9th respectively in the sales list of new energy SUVs in September, and ranked in the sales of new energy SUVs from January to September this year. In the list, Nezha V and Nezha U still maintain the seventh and ninth positions.

Zhang Xiang, an automobile analyst, told a reporter from the International Finance News that Nezha’s current models focus on the 100,000-level market, which has a relatively large capacity and is more easily accepted by consumers. There has been no quality door incident yet, and the market image is good.

Zhang Xiang believes that the new energy subsidy policy is about to expire in 2022, which has also stimulated the sales blowout in the new energy market in the fourth quarter, which will also help Nezha to increase sales. “In the last three months, its sales volume will be improved.”

In order to maintain rapid growth, Nezha began to accelerate the layout of overseas markets.

In March 2022, it established a subsidiary in Thailand. At the same time, the company’s future expansion plans will also involve Europe, some countries in the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

For overseas markets, Nezha Motor has launched Nezha V right-hand drive version and Nezha U international version. This is also the first new car maker to export right-hand drive models, and it has also become the first to launch and deliver new cars in Thailand and Nepal. The new car-making force.

Fang Yunzhou, CEO of Nezha Automobile, said in an exclusive interview with a reporter from the International Finance News that the reason why he chose to start his overseas trip in ASEAN first is because the threshold for the Nordic market is low, which looks good, but the plate is limited, and ASEAN has With a population of 670 million and a consumption concept similar to that of China, large-scale sales can be achieved.

At present, Nezha cars have gone overseas to 5 countries, including Thailand, Israel, Nepal, Laos, and Myanmar. As of mid-September, its overseas orders have exceeded 5,200, and overseas channels have been developed to 30.

Fang Yunzhou expects that Nezha cars will cover the entire ASEAN next year and achieve a delivery volume of 30,000-50,000. By then, the company’s total sales will also increase to about 300,000.

The market expects that the accelerated expansion of overseas markets will help Nezha to further increase its monthly delivery volume, and it is highly likely that it will be the first to complete the goal of delivering 20,000 vehicles per month.

The competitive landscape remains uncertain

After Nezha completed 200,000 vehicles, the market turned its attention to the next car company that could deliver 200,000 vehicles.

It is speculated from the current data that the successor is likely to be Leap Motor. Among the five car companies at the head of the new forces, it has completed the delivery data of 100,000 vehicles, and since May this year, the monthly sales have been continuous. Over ten thousand.

As of September 30, although the cumulative delivery data of Leap Motor has not been announced, it has exceeded 140,000 after calculation, while the rest of the new power car companies are still in the climbing stage. A dark horse, but since deliveries have only started this year, it is unlikely that it will surpass Leapcar in a short period of time.

At present, Leapmotor has delivered three models, including the S01 launched in 2019, the T03 launched in 2020 and the C11 launched in 2021. According to its previously announced prospectus, the company has delivered a total of 43,700 vehicles in 2021. new car, and completed the delivery of 100,000 units on June 28 this year.

Among the 100,000 units delivered, the model that contributed the most was its A00-level electric car T03. The data shows that the total delivery volume of T03 in 2021 will reach 39,000 units, accounting for 89% of the annual delivery volume. In the first half of this year, T03 will maintain a high delivery volume, reaching 33,000 units, accounting for 63.64% of total sales.

From May to September this year, the deliveries of Leapmotor were 10,069, 11,259, 12,044, 12,525, and 11,039 respectively. Its new model C01 is expected to be delivered in November this year. According to data, the new car has been booked for The volume has exceeded 100,000.

At that time, its monthly delivery volume will increase due to the increase in C01, but it cannot be ruled out that C01 grabs orders for its own models and the delivery volume declines during the climbing stage. Previously, both Ideal Auto and Xpeng Motors were caused by the delivery of their new cars. A similar situation occurs.

If Leapmotor can still maintain a monthly delivery of more than 10,000 vehicles and improve it, it is expected to become the fifth new power car company to exceed the 200,000-unit delivery mark in the first quarter of next year.

Trainee reporter Wu Di

Edited by Wang Ke