Why would consumers rather buy iPhone14 than domestic 5G mobile phones? The gap is too big

With the launch of the iPhone 15, the competition between domestic 5G mobile phones and Apple has officially begun. Surprisingly, not only the iPhone 15 is highly sought after, but also the older iPhone 14 Pro has also experienced an increase in sales, forming a clear contrast with domestic 5G mobile phones. Compared.

1. Advantages of iPhone

There is no doubt that Apple’s A-series processors are far ahead in terms of performance. Generally speaking, Apple’s A-series processors are two generations ahead of Android chips. This time, the A17 processor is the world’s first chip using a 3-nanometer process. Therefore, Apple’s A-series processors are two generations ahead of Android chips. iPhone15 has won a lot of attention.

Compared with Android phones, Apple also has an advantage in information security. The industry knows that Apple’s iOS system is a closed system, and Apple’s App Store is strictly reviewed. Even well-known Chinese Internet companies have had their apps removed from the shelves because of excessive requests for authorization. , which makes high-end users deeply aware of Apple’s information security advantages.

iPhone15 also supports the most complete 5G frequency bands, supporting nearly 20 frequency bands. This has been the case from iPhone12 to the present. As China’s 5G technology continues to upgrade from NSA/SA, 700MHz, and 900MHz, domestic 5G mobile phones are constantly being eliminated. The iPhone 12 can still fully support it and has become the best 5G mobile phone.

The cost of using the iPhone is more economical. Today, many consumers are still using the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 from 6 or 7 years ago. Daily use is still quite smooth. In contrast, domestic mobile phones suffer from serious lags after two or three years of use. As a result, some After consumers replace their iPhones, the old iPhones are used by the elderly at home. Such a long service life makes the cost of using mobile phones more economical than Android phones.

Finally, the second-hand value of the iPhone is higher. The iPhone 8 can still be sold for 600 yuan in the second-hand market. Domestic mobile phones of the same period are now only worth more than 200 yuan in the second-hand market. Last year’s iPhone 14 has only depreciated by less than 2,000 yuan in the second-hand market. However, the price of domestic mobile phones has been cut in half, so if consumers sell their old iPhones, they can buy a new iPhone for less than 2,000 yuan.

2. Domestic 5G mobile phones are crushed by iPhone

There is no doubt about the advantages of iPhone 15. Because it has been recognized by consumers, in the early pre-sale stage, the most expensive iPhone 15 Pro max pre-orders exceeded 1 million units at the earliest. Subsequently, the pre-sales of iPhone 15 Pro also exceeded one million, and the two mobile phones quickly Sold out, the e-commerce platform shows that it is out of stock, which highlights that Chinese consumers really buy more iPhone 15 as it becomes more expensive.

In contrast, the chip of domestic 5G mobile phones is only an improved version from a few years ago. It is said that it is still a 7-nanometer process, which is more than two generations different from the 3-nanometer process of the A17. The chip performance is far behind. However, its price is as high as 6,999 yuan. Starting from 5,999 yuan, it is 1,000 yuan more expensive than iPhone 15’s 5,999 yuan. It is reasonable for many rational consumers to choose iPhone 15.

Some consumers feel that the iPhone 15 Pro is too expensive, so they choose the more affordable iPhone 14 Pro. Now the e-commerce company offers a preferential price of about 7,399 yuan, which is only 400 yuan more expensive than the domestic 5G mobile phone. Its performance is also two generations ahead of the iPhone 15 Pro. With the same appearance design, it is reasonable to gain popularity.

For high-end consumers who often go abroad, the iPhone also has huge advantages. Domestic 5G mobile phones have difficulty using Google APP, but iPhone15 can easily use Google APP. Foreign consumers have said that if Google APP cannot be used, then the smartphone will be useless. It is equivalent to a feature phone and is impossible to use. Nowadays, navigation maps are needed for travel. Without Google Maps, there will be too much trouble overseas. Most of the consumers who previously purchased domestic mobile phones have chosen other domestic mobile phones. , or switch to an iPhone.

Various reasons have led to the sales of iPhone 15 being far better than that of domestic 5G mobile phones. After all, the high-end models of the two mobile phones cost nearly 10,000 yuan. With such a high price, consumers must choose the product with the most advanced technology and easier use. After all, No one’s money comes from strong winds, and they don’t want the mobile phone they buy to depreciate too quickly and make it troublesome to use.