Why the richer the more you like Prada?

An interesting phenomenon has happened in the fashion circle recently, the richer people are, the more they like to use Prada.

This has to start with billionaire Kendall Jenner.

What kind of clothes a supermodel of her level wears and what bags to go out is usually well thought out. After all, any product may form a trend of “carrying goods”. In other words, except for Pin Xuan, those who can be flopped by her are “lucky ones”. Combining her recent bag habits, even in the past one or two years, I found that she prefers Prada, and with the increase of fame and wealth, she loves Prada more and more.

Kendall is the same as the following ▼

If a rich woman can’t explain the problem, then look at the other two,

Bella Hadid, who is gone on the retro road, carried a brand’s show in 2004, showing a different fashion segment:

So, why Prada? The following sections give the answer.

First of all, a rule can be seen from the bags used by Kendalls: Prada today is deliberately avoiding situations that make people recognize the brand elements at a glance. This subtlety and low-keyness are in line with the needs of the real rich. . If you come across with these bags, it may be difficult to identify the brand at a glance without looking at the logo. Like the one I’m holding below,

It’s called Supernova, and the package name translated into Chinese is quite flowy, “Supernova”. But to be honest, the first impression it gave me did not seem to be related to the word “star”, because it looked restrained and unassuming , just like the type that the top supermodels loved before.

At first glance, it seems that in addition to the trapezoidal body, there is no other highly recognizable design, and there is no exaggerated artistic effect. In other words, it is in no hurry to move closer to the “net red” aesthetic.

But good things stand up to scrutiny, and if we get close to this bag, we will see a lot of details that are worth scrutinizing. For example, it has exquisite lines, which shape the overall elegant silhouette of the bag.

The design of the short handle is matched with the thick body of the bag, whether it is carried by hand or wrapped around the waist, it makes me feel safe enough to go out. Even a simple knitted sweater keeps me calm and confident (it also comes with a detachable leather shoulder strap, which I like to remove for use). In particular, the cognac color I chose is full of atmosphere in autumn and winter. This Prada, seemingly unknown, is actually shining.

The bag has three sizes, large, medium and small. I chose the medium size. Its specific size is 16cm (height) x 13.5cm (length) x 31cm (width). This kind of capacity has enough practicality, and it is very self-contained in use, and inadvertently conveys a current popular lifestyle . At this time, look at the state of the rich and supermodels carrying Prada. Does it also give people this feeling?

More classic black appears in brand promotional videos. If you want to use it frequently in the four seasons, you can choose it with confidence.

Seeing this, everyone may think that I have left out the dimension of “price”, but don’t worry, because I want to talk about it separately. Its leather model is priced at 28,300 (medium) yuan, and the trumpet is 27,300 yuan, and the price of the glossy leather model will be higher. Looking at the top luxury, this price is not high cost performance. However, due to the high requirements of the bag shape, this time the brand pays more attention to the use of materials and craftsmanship than ever before .

Especially the glossy leather models, which are made of highly polished Spazzolato leather, a luxurious material, created through a series of complex and exquisite craftsmanship that Prada has admired since its inception. Not only that, but many procedures must be done purely by hand. This actually guarantees the quality and service life of the bag to a large extent. In other words, it makes the money we spend worthwhile.

If you are not an expert, the “hard” strength of craftsmanship is generally not easy to be detected by the naked eye. You can only experience it if you have used the product personally, and this is exactly what people who have reached a certain level of quality of life are pursuing. The more money, the better. Low-key is the reason.

The outstanding use of materials and craftsmanship also covers other bags of this season, such as the Prada System nappa leather shoulder bag,

The first time I got it, I couldn’t wait to squeeze it, and I was instantly grasped by the soft and waxy body. Needless to say, I know how prominent the advantages of nappa leather are in autumn and winter. Of course, the price is also quite suitable for the rich lady.

The design of Prada System is not as restrained as that of Supernova, especially the triangular pattern created by the gorgeous stitching on the body of the bag always gives me the feeling of a calm ruthlessness .

The same lambskin triangle old flower and this tote bag are also liked by big bag lovers. The light body and soft touch feel like carrying a cloud on the body.

It can be seen that bags like the Prada System, although unassuming, are at the same time eye-catching enough to look full of tension.

But the question is, if price aside, will this type of bag appeal to a wealthy person with an understated nature? The answer is yes. Because when people who are not ostentatious want to be flamboyant, it is like eating big fish and meat and they will get tired, and it is a reason to want to try turnips and vegetables. Besides, no matter who you are or what your status is, there are always some special occasions where you need to show your personality. And this situation is even more commonplace for the daily life of ordinary fashionable people. At this time, the Prada Triangle triangle bag can debut.

The bag evolved from the brand triangle logo has a certain degree of recognition in itself, and the bag surface covered with the Prada Symbole triangle old flower will make people want to stop and take a look.

However, the bags that can unify the aesthetics of fashionable people are not only these things. This bag also has a hidden skill, “variety”. It is actually a combination of twin bags, one side is full of personality fabric material, the other side is classic leather material. In turn, the back is as follows▼

Thanks to the design of the two independent components, the bag can be carried in combination or carried separately, allowing people to fully enjoy the satisfaction of one bag for three purposes .

A lot of female stars are flopping for it ▼

It has several good-looking colors as follows, among which the off-white is the exclusive style of Prada Tmall official flagship store and WeChat official boutique.

There is also a men’s pocket in the Prada Triangle triangular bag family, and its appearance rate has been on the rise recently ▼

Although it is a male model, I think it is also good for girls to buy it as a shoulder bag or an underarm bag▼

In addition, there is also a combined triangular bag in the men’s model. Its twin bag is made of two different materials of leather, and a detachable vertical pouch is attached to the shoulder strap, which greatly enhances the practicality. These designs are very suitable for boys. Relatively rough package habits. If the girls like it, they can also share the locker together.

In “Sex and the City”, there is a plot that describes the heroine Carrie taking her new boyfriend to visit Prada. Her narration explains this: In every relationship, there is an important moment when you want to progress to the next step. , for some couples it was taking him to meet his parents, while for me it was time for him to “meet” Prada . Although it is only a fragment of less than a minute, it is enough to prove one thing, Prada is a brand that will only be chosen at important moments .

And the well-known British fashion website “Business of Fashion” also wrote their evaluation of Prada: wearing (using) Prada is actually releasing a strong signal, you are in the know. It probably means: you are a knowledgeable person. I guess people who have reached a certain level of financial ability will want to be “a person who knows what to do”, so they chose Prada tacitly.