Why stay up all night with bald hair but a thick beard?

With the increasing work pressure, many people often work overtime and stay up late. For the post-80s, post-90s, and even the post-00s who have just entered the society, the phenomenon of overtime is extremely common among them.

There is another kind of “revenge staying up late”. Going to work and working during the day is not your own time. At night, when the night is quiet, your own time comes to do some things that you don’t have time to do during the day. This kind of “revenge staying up late” Yes, they usually know the dangers of staying up late, but they still choose this short-lived freedom.

But no matter what kind of stay up late, the difference is that they all have a result, they will stay up late and lose their hair, but why stay up late and lose their hair, but their beards grow?

This problem is easy to understand from the perspective of the “androgen paradox”. In fact, androgens have different effects on the hair of various tissues. Generally, the temples are used as the boundary. In the parts below the temples, androgens generally play a role in promoting growth, such as beard, hand hair, leg hair, etc.; Hormones inhibit growth.

When we stay up late, the body will be in a hyperactive state, resulting in the secretion of androgens as much as during the day, and the growth of beards will also accelerate; while the hair on the scalp is just the opposite. Shortening and accelerating the telogen phase will eventually lead to hair loss; especially for friends who have the genetic gene for hair loss, the hair follicles will also be damaged and shrunk until they are closed and inactivated.

The ancients said that “work at sunrise and rest at sunset”, resting at night is the result of long-term adaptation of human beings. People who stay up late for a long time will have very dry skin, slow brain response, easy aging, and obvious hair loss.

Therefore, it is recommended that everyone try to maintain a healthy daily routine to avoid hair loss or health-threatening situations caused by staying up late for a long time. If you have already lost your hair due to staying up late, and your hair has become thin and your hair volume has decreased, it is recommended that you carry out targeted conditioning and maintenance as soon as possible, so as to better avoid aggravated hair loss and restore hair volume as before.