Why should I take traditional Chinese medicine for aplastic anemia?

Traditional Chinese medicine is a major treatment for aplastic anemia, and it has the advantages that Western medicine cannot replace. In the same way, Chinese medicine also has related drawbacks, and for every aplastic patient, is there a certain reason to intervene in Chinese medicine?

Why should I take traditional Chinese medicine for aplastic anemia?

To answer this, not every patient with aplastic anemia is suitable for taking traditional Chinese medicine. No matter what kind of treatment, it should not be carried out blindly. In clinical practice, why are some patients with aplastic anemia suitable for TCM intervention? Mainly reflected in the following points:

First, it can reduce the complications of aplastic anemia

Repeated aplastic disease, infection and bleeding are common complications, while the former can be used as a serious factor to aggravate the development of the disease. Modern research has shown that aplastic anemia is an immune-related disease, and exogenous pathogenic poison is a general expression of infection in traditional Chinese medicine. Long-term use of immunosuppressive agents such as cyclosporine will make it even worse. Effective TCM syndrome differentiation intervention can improve complications, promote remission and reduce disease fluctuations caused by complications.

Second, immunomodulation of patients

At present, the treatment of aplastic anemia mainly relies on immunosuppressive agents to achieve the purpose of reshaping the immune balance. However, according to medical research, the effective rate of cyclosporine alone is about 40%, and targeted traditional Chinese medicine combined with androgen stimulation of hematopoiesis always has The efficiency can reach 70%. An effective traditional Chinese medicine can increase the number of aplastic anemia cases in the main western medicine program.

Third, improve the quality of life of patients

The long-term use of cyclosporine and androgens brings side effects that will affect the normal life of aplastic patients and even lead to the risk of secondary tumors. Intervention of clear-diagnosed prescriptions can help to regulate the overall balance of yin and yang in the body, which can enhance efficacy and reduce toxicity, and improve the quality of life.

Focus on reducing drug toxicity, immune regulation, and reducing complications are the main reasons for combining TCM treatment for aplastic anemia cases. But at present, there are many kinds of traditional Chinese medicine all over the country, which are effective, ineffective, suitable and unsuitable. Patients need to keep their eyes open and choose a targeted traditional Chinese medicine.