Why is Xu Fengnian so kind to Chu Kuangnu in “Snow of the Wild Swordsman” but has no words for Wang Zhonglou, the man from Da Huang Ting?

Why is Xu Fengnian so kind to Chu Kuangnu in “Snow of the Wild Swordsman” but has no words for Wang Zhonglou, the man from Da Huang Ting?

There are many reasons for Xu Fengnian’s rise. In addition to his luck and background, it is also because of the help of many masters. Regardless of the reason why these masters helped Xu Fengnian, they all deserve Xu Fengnian’s respect.

Logically speaking, the more helpful Xu Fengnian is, the more Xu Fengnian should respect him. But in fact this is not the case. Xu Fengnian also has a strong sense of control towards others.

Chu Kuangnu appeared in the early days of the Snow Fighting Swordsmanship. In fact, he was not a very high master. He was probably between the Vajra Realm and the Zhixuan Realm. He could be suppressed by the early Jian Jiuhuang. It was more likely that he was King Kong state. The martial arts he taught Xu Fengnian was the introduction to the art of swordsmanship, and it was actually of little help to Xu Fengnian’s later strength. But Xu Fengnian has always treated him with great respect, treating him as a friend or elder.

Wang Zhonglou is the master of Wudang Mountain. Although he appeared and exited in the early days of Snow Fighting Swordsmanship, his weight is quite different compared to Chu Kuangnu. Wang Chonglou is Taoist, so the guarantee refers to the Xuan realm, because you can’t enter the celestial realm, but it may also be the terrestrial realm of gods. Because the Jade Emperor Pavilion in Longhu Mountain was soared as soon as it was built, and the Da Huang Ting where Wang Chonglou practiced is as famous as the Jade Emperor Pavilion, so Wang Chonglou is most likely to be a terrestrial fairyland.

Wang Zhonglou taught Xu Fengnian all his Da Huang Ting, which was of great help to Xu Fengnian. In the middle period, Xu Fengnian escaped from death several times because of Da Huang Ting. In the later period, Xu Fengnian was able to unify the three religions into one, and it was indispensable for Dahuang Ting’s help. And Wang Chonglou himself died in order to teach Xu Fengnian Dahuang Ting. However, Xu Fengnian was not disrespectful to Wang Zhonglou, but in many cases he was still relatively indifferent, like treating an ordinary elder.

In terms of help to Xu Fengnian, Wang Zhonglou’s help to Xu Fengnian is beyond the reach of ten Chu Kuangnus. But why is Xu Fengnian deeply attached to Chu Kuangnu, but not very fond of Wang Zhonglou?

The most important thing is the original intention. Chu Kuangnu and Wang Zhonglou have different original intentions for Xu Fengnian.

When Xu Fengnian was young, he sneaked into the lake of Beiliang Prince’s Mansion to play in the water, but he drowned in the lake because of leg cramps. At this time, it was Chu Kuangnu who was at the bottom of the lake who rescued Xu Fengnian, which was a life-saving grace for Xu Fengnian. Later, Xu Fengnian would feed Chu Kuangnu at the bottom of the lake from time to time, and they established a preliminary relationship.

After Chu Kuangnu came out of the water, he began to guide Xu Fengnian into the way of swordsmanship. He taught Xu Fengnian the correct attitude in practicing martial arts, which made Xu Fengnian’s basic skills more solid and dispelled his idea of ​​greedy and rash advancement. This is also certain for Xu Fengnian’s future development. It was good, and then Chu Kuangnu disappeared. Later, before Chu Kuangnu died, he spread the news that the city of Dunhuang had been destroyed and that Hongshu had given Xu Fengnian a daughter. This was no less than a life-saving grace for Xu Fengnian, but this was mentioned near the end.

And Wang Chonglou taught Xu Fengnian Dahuang Ting, this is a fatal thing. Of course, it does not mean that depending on how good Xu Fengnian’s qualifications are, he must risk his life to make this master grow up. In fact, Wang Zhonglou had a deal with Xu Xiao at the beginning. He practiced Dahuangting according to Xu Fengnian’s acupuncture points, so that Xu Fengnian could make up for the lost twenty years. After all, Wudang Mountain at this time has already declined and cannot be compared with Longhu Mountain. Wudang’s prosperity can be said to be Wang Zhonglou’s obsession.

Another point is Xu Fengnian’s identity. Xu Fengnian is the Zhenwu Emperor. In fact, Wang Chonglou has known it for a long time. That’s why Wang Chonglou told Wang Xiaoping when he died. When Xu Fengnian enters Tai’an City, Wang Xiaoping will enter the world. Only Wang Xiaoping would say: I haven’t seen Zhenwu in Wudang Mountain for eight hundred years, but today Zhenwu finally saw me.

Therefore, Wang Zhonglou’s help to Xu Fengnian was more about hoping that Xu Fengnian could help Wudang prosper. It was a gamble and a transaction. Chu Kuangnu’s help to Xu Fengnian was more because of his character, which was in his heart. Xu Fengnian also knew this, so he respected Chu Kuangnu very much, but only respected Wang Zhonglou.