Why is the US CH-53K helicopter more expensive than the F-35 stealth fighter?

CH53K is very advanced, but its purchase price of US$120 million exceeds the F35 fighter’s unit price of more than US$88 million, which is a bit excessive, but such excess is also justified, because after all, rare things are more expensive, and helicopters with such performance are in The U.S. military is just this one. You like to buy it or not. If you don’t buy it, you don’t even have it. Do you think you should buy it or not?

However, the F35 is different. Although it is advanced enough and the cost is high enough, it is a cheap fifth-generation aircraft. It is a fighter jet used to make up for the scale of the fifth-generation aircraft in the United States when the number of F22s is insufficient. Cost reduction is its hard requirement. Manufacturers insist that the price of the F35 is more than 100 million US dollars, so the United States might as well buy the F22. Who will buy the F35? This is like saying that some Chinese football players can be worth more than 100 million yuan in the Chinese Super League, which is about more than 10 million US dollars, but in the international market, they are worth more than 1 million US dollars, the same reason.

why? Because if you don’t buy it, you don’t even have this. In this environment, he is worth the price. The US Marine Corps has a large number of amphibious assault ships. Do you want heavy helicopters to deliver troops? Yes, then do you want to buy a Russian Mi 26 or a Chinese Zhi 18 or something? Of course not, and it’s also disdainful, so should the United States develop its own research and development? Of course, after the research and development is completed, a total of billions of dollars in research and development funds have been spent, how much is it? Actually not much.

So the United States began to purchase in small batches and bought 200 aircraft. Do the manufacturers want to make money? If yes, then the manufacturer will have to make a calculation. In order to produce this helicopter, how many workers will I raise, how many new production lines will I build, and how many mechanical equipment and molds will I buy? Do these cost money, and whether the cost of the newly purchased land investment should be earned back, of course, otherwise, why would I develop this helicopter, so the manufacturer will put him in research and development-all the cost of producing this helicopter, from here 200 planes were recovered.

Including the transport trucks purchased for the production of the helicopters, as well as the expenses of the hired truck drivers! Although the CH53K is not necessarily more advanced than the F35, the people who use it, the drivers it uses, the mechanical products it consumes, the land it buys, and the production line it cost is a lot of money. It can’t be said that you ship the F35. I ship parts for helicopters, so your salary is higher than mine, right? It’s actually the same!

As a result, F35 has produced more than 450 units, and left for 500 units. All the costs can be allocated to these 500 units and the next order of nearly 1,000 units, while the CH53K Super Dumas can only be allocated to these 200 units. Therefore, the cost is ridiculously high, and the only way is to increase the purchase volume. Therefore, in fact, the cost of an aircraft is not the cost of its materials, but includes all the costs of R&D and production. If you only buy one aircraft, congratulations, the manufacturer will recover all costs from this aircraft. , then the cost of a plane can reach nearly 10 billion US dollars, which is the law.