Why is the shared tea room low? You don’t know this yet!

Why is the shared tea room lower than the traditional tea room? The small head is full of big questions. It must be very confident that the price of the shared tea room can be reduced. What is the confidence to make the price low? Today we will discuss the cost of unmanned tea rooms, business hours and consumer groups.

Shared tea room management system

1. Cost payment

The cost of a shared tea room mainly consists of five aspects: rent, soft and hard decoration costs, intelligent systems, operating costs, water and electricity costs and cleaning costs. Among them, the rent accounts for the largest proportion, and the rent varies in different regions. The rent is about 3000-5000 yuan. , and other hardware and software decoration, intelligent systems can be bought out at one time. If we open 7-8 private rooms, it will take about 7-8W to open a tea room. Some friends will transform their idle rooms into shared tea rooms, and the cost can be imagined, which is lower.

The reason why traditional tea rooms are more expensive is that in addition to the rent, there are also labor costs. Now it is difficult to recruit waiters and the cost is high. Even if the monthly salary is 3,000, it is tens of thousands of yuan a year. The shared tea room just makes up for these shortcomings, because it greatly reduces labor costs. If a business only operates one or two tea rooms, it can be turned around by itself, and it can save tens of thousands of dollars a year!

2. Operating hours

Traditional teahouses have limited operating hours. They are open for at most 10-12 hours a day. If guests drink tea and talk about business at night, additional service fees will be charged, which will bring a bad experience to both merchants and customers. The shared tea room has no business hours restrictions, and can be opened 7*24 hours. The business hours increase, and the turnover will naturally increase.

3. Consumers

There are generally only two types of people in a traditional tea room. One is the business owner or office worker who needs to meet guests, and the other is the middle-aged and elderly people who play chess and cards. For these people, high-end tea rooms are expensive, low-end tea rooms are cheap, and there are restrictions on consumers if they are too expensive or too cheap.

However, the shared tea room does not have a special group positioning. If you want to target the consumer groups to business owners and office workers, you can design the decoration of the tea room to be taller and more suitable for mass consumption. Since then, the consumer group of the tea room will expand. A lot, so you don’t have to worry about the source of customers~

To sum up, the shared tea room has low cost, long business hours, and a wide range of consumer groups. Naturally, the price can be reduced, so it is possible to win the hearts of so many treasures!