Why is it said that the holy blaster ruined the CF challenge mode? Because the artifactization of the challenge mode is turned on

I believe everyone knows that the current crossfire challenge mode is becoming more and more RPG-like. Although, some players think that in this way, the game experience is much better than before. After all, players no longer need to think of ways, but we will come back Looking back at the previous crossfire challenge mode, it was really full of creativity, and the cooperation and creativity between many maps were in place. Therefore, it inevitably made us curious, what caused the current situation of the challenge mode? ?

There are many reasons behind this, but the appearance of an artifact is definitely the culprit. This weapon is the holy blaster. Many people may know this artifact, especially in the case of sending artifacts across the line of fire over the years. This weapon has become a weapon that is flooded with people. Many players have already reached level three, but how many people know that the appearance of this weapon has completely opened the challenge to the gods?

This is not my nonsense, the attributes of this weapon are too against the sky. Players operating this weapon can not only cause a large number of casualties to the monsters in the challenge with the sprayer, but also because the sprayer can use the attributes of bursts and grenades, It even raised the power of this sprayer to a new level. At that time, when it first came out, many players felt that this artifact was really good to use. It works really well.

Because of this, at that time, this weapon was still the favorite of many players, especially when the “Void Crack” that was released later allowed players to obtain this weapon for free, the map of Void Crack became a challenge at that time. The player’s favorite, even if the player needs to play it repeatedly for a long time, it is useless. It still can’t stop the players’ love for this game. It is said that for the sake of permanent liver, it is not a problem to brush dozens or even hundreds of rounds.

I didn’t know that this weapon was pushing the challenge mode of crossing the line of fire to the brink of destruction. That’s right, especially after this weapon became more and more popular, there was a situation, that is, the blaster everywhere. Everyone knows the good map “Giant City Ruins”, but due to the appearance of the Holy Blaster, this map has been completely reduced to a B bombing simulator. Various players use the Holy Blaster to explode. The player can give the player a card into a slideshow.

The most frightening thing is that this situation is not enough. Due to the existence of the holy blaster, it has led to a result, that is, the game is becoming more and more fast-food, and players need more and more fast-food challenge modes. Therefore, we can see Crossfire kept compromising with these fast-food players, and came up with a wonderful “Trial Island”. In fact, this is to meet the needs and tastes of these fast-food players. By doing this, they are satisfied, but other challengers are not satisfied. lost.

Because crossing the line of fire is becoming more and more fast food, it has led to a situation. The challenge mode of crossing the line of fire has opened up a new idea of ​​​​the challenge mode of the artifact. The official has also mastered the wealth code, and constantly launched various artifacts, from the holy blaster From the beginning, to the various artifacts in the back, the game is becoming more and more unable to meet the requirements of old players. Therefore, in the following situation, we have all seen that the game is no longer what it used to be, and players abandon the game. A more normal thing happened.

Some people may say, no, the first challenge artifact in CrossFire is the Laser Destroyer, how could this weapon not become an artifact to destroy CrossFire, in fact, the reason is also very understandable, this The attributes of the weapon are not very against the sky, so the impact on the game is naturally not very big, but the holy blaster next door can really affect the balance of the game, so, so, everyone understands!