Why is Iran becoming Israel’s Middle East nemesis?

There are many countries in the world, under the sanctions and blockades of the United States and the West, they will become self-reliant and tenaciously rising. my country is an example, and Iran is also an example. Due to its strong comprehensive strength, Iran has become Israel’s number one enemy in the Middle East.

Iran is a regional power, a real power. Its land area is 1.65 million square kilometers, ranking 17th in the world. Only Saudi Arabia in the Middle East can compare with Iran. Iran has a population of more than 80 million, which is considered a medium-sized country, but it is also equal to the population of Germany, the United Kingdom, France and other countries. Iran has higher education institutions, and the University of Tehran is also a top Middle East institution ranked around 521-530 in the world.

The picture shows the Iranian-made Carrar main battle tank.

Iran also has a sound industrial system, which can produce many machinery and equipment such as automobiles, aircraft, missiles, rockets, and ships. For example, Iran’s domestic fighter jets “Lightning” and “Korsar” are all supersonic and jet fighters at the second-generation fighter level. Although compared with the world’s mainstream fourth- and fifth-generation fighters, the gap is already It is very big, but it is not easy for a regional power to develop a complete fighter jet industrial system with its own strength.

There are also Iranian-made tanks, including the advanced Carrar main battle tank, which has reached the technical level of the Russian T-90 main battle tank and has the performance of the third-generation early tank. There is also the Zulfikar series of main battle tanks, of which the Zulfikar-3 tank has reached the level of the second-generation late-stage tank, which is comparable to the M-60A3 main battle tank. Of course, Iran’s tank technology is also far behind today’s mainstream modern tanks, but still, in the Middle East, other countries rely on outsourcing weapons, and only Iran can produce various types of technical equipment, which is already very good.

The picture shows the Iranian-made Lightning fighter jet.

Iran also has domestically produced warships, such as Jamalan-class frigates, Sahand-class frigates, etc. These frigates all have closed hulls, reaching a technical level close to my country’s 053H2G frigate technology. For example, Iran’s most advanced Sahand-class frigate (Iran called destroyer) has a displacement of 2,200 tons and is equipped with 76 mm rapid-fire naval guns, 2 standard-1 air defense missile launchers, and 8 “Nur” anti-ship missiles. , 1 helicopter take-off and landing platform, and at the top of its mast, there is also a phased array three-coordinate radar, which has a certain mid-range air defense capability.

The picture shows the light frigate of the Iranian Navy.

Compared with traditional weapons such as tanks, aircraft, and warships, Iran has made greater technological progress in new weapons such as drones and missiles. For example, Iran’s proud Meteor-3 ballistic missiles and Mud-2 ballistic missiles have reached a maximum range of 2,500 kilometers. Among them, the Meteor-3 is a liquid-fuel missile, and the Mud-2 is a solid-fuel missile. , when using biochemical warheads, it can pose a threat to big cities as far as Europe; while carrying high-explosive warheads, it can also form a deterrent to surrounding American military bases and Israeli military clusters.

There is also the Iranian version of the “Tomahawk” cruise missile Hoveize missile. The missile has a range of 1,500 kilometers and is similar to the American Tomahawk cruise missile. Can perform some precision strike missions outside the defense zone. There are also Iranian drones, Mohaj-6 attack drones, Witness-129 attack drones, etc., which are all long-endurance attack drones, of which Mohaj-6 is similar to Turkey’s TB -2, is a low-altitude light attack drone, while the Witness-129 has a range of more than 2,000 kilometers and is a large long-endurance drone. Iran’s drones are advanced enough to attract Russia’s attention, and Russia has also ordered a large number of Iranian drones and put them into actual combat.

The picture shows the Iranian-made Zulfikar-3 main battle tank.

All in all, Iran is a country with strong comprehensive strength. Its vast land, huge population, well-established industry, and systematic military power are the basis for Iran to become a power in the Middle East. Therefore, Israel has a high opinion of Iran and is very concerned about it. In awe, as the number one opponent in the Middle East, Iran is also known as “the nemesis of Israel”!