Why don’t ophthalmologists do myopia surgery? Is Jingzhou myopia surgery really safe?

Some patients find that some ophthalmologists still wear glasses when they visit the doctor. Does it mean that they themselves do not trust myopia surgery? Why don’t ophthalmologists do myopia surgery? Is Jingzhou myopia surgery really safe? Jingzhou myopia surgery expert Wang Haibo will tell you the reason today.


Why don’t ophthalmologists do myopia surgery?

In fact, it’s not that ophthalmologists don’t do myopia surgery, it’s that they do and you don’t know! You may not know that the doctor who has removed the glasses after the operation is short-sighted at all. After all, he no longer wears glasses. For some doctors who have not performed the operation, the preoperative examination may not be up to standard, or the personal desire to remove the glasses is not strong. No nearsighted surgery. Some doctors not only performed surgery on their own, but even performed myopia surgery for their family members and friends around them, and they have good vision after surgery, which should be the best proof of the safety of the surgery.


Jingzhou Huaxia Ophthalmology Dean Wang Haibo

Is Jingzhou myopia surgery really safe?

The implementation and development of any operation have been repeatedly scientifically demonstrated and multi-center clinical trials. At the beginning of myopia laser surgery, it has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) extremely harshly and rigorously. . Myopia surgery can be traced back to 1939 and officially entered China in 1993. At present, millions of people have taken off their glasses. However, everyone also needs to know that no matter what kind of operation there is a certain risk, as long as the strict preoperative examination is passed and the contraindications of the operation are excluded, the risk can be minimized.


In addition, myopia surgery is also an officially recognized surgery. It is mentioned in the “Physical Examination Standards for Candidates for Citizens” that more than half a year after the refractive error excimer laser surgery, the uncorrected visual acuity of any eye reaches 4.8, and the fundus examination is normal, except for the airborne soldiers. If myopia surgery is not safe, how can I let friends who want to join the army or recruit to do myopia surgery?


Jingzhou myopia surgery expert Wang Haibo: After years of development in myopia surgery, the technology is constantly being updated. From PRK and LASIK to the current SMILE full femtosecond and ICL lens implantation, the experience and safety of the surgery are constantly improving. As long as you do a good job in the preoperative examination and choose a regular hospital and doctor, the safety of the operation can be guaranteed, and friends who want to remove the mirror do not need to worry too much.