Why doesn’t your Gao Jianli big move hurt? Try these few tricks, you at least have 20 stars!

In Glory of Kings, Gao Jianli is a very special mage hero. When other mages are outputting, they try to stand at the back of the team and use their skills to remotely output, but if Gao Jianli wants to deal explosion damage, he must use a big move to rush. into the enemy pile. We often encounter the kind of Gao Jianli that is invincible when playing in a team, but when playing Gao Jianli by ourselves, not only can’t deal damage with a big move, but it is also easy to be killed. Why doesn’t your Gao Jianli ultimate move hurt? Might as well try these few skills, your Gao Jianli can definitely easily get 20 stars of the king.

First of all, we need to know where the source of Gao Jianli’s damage is. Many friends think that if Gao Jian leaves a big move, he can play a high output, but it is not. The core output method of Gao Jianli is to strengthen the basic attack. Gao Jianli can accumulate a reinforcement every three basic attacks or three skills. The damage of passively enhanced basic attack is higher than that of the first and second skills. It is similar to Luban’s skill mechanism. It is used to strengthen the basic attack to deal damage.

There is a little trick here, after Gao Jianli stacks up to three passive layers, as long as you don’t attack, the enhanced attack will always exist, and it will not disappear after being useless for a period of time like Luban. As long as Gao Jianli can save 5 layers of passive before fighting, we will do 3 basic attacks first to get an enhanced basic attack. Don’t use normal attacks at this time. Then find another wild monster and use two skills on the wild monster, as long as we can successfully accumulate 5 layers of passive. When fighting, you can use an enhanced basic attack first, and then use a skill to get a second enhanced basic attack. Two enhanced basic attacks plus a skill can easily kill Luban in seconds. It really doesn’t even need a big move to kill Lu Ban.

Gao Jianli only has the second skill to restore blood. Every time the second skill hits an additional target, it can increase the blood recovery effect. If the blood volume is not good, you can find a few wild monsters with the second skill and normal attack to quickly replenish the blood. Therefore, if you want to make Gao Jianli’s ultimate move more powerful, remember to keep a second skill to replenish blood, especially when facing multiple people, the second skill hits the enemy can quickly restore blood, this little trick can also make your Gao Jianli in team battles becomes stronger.

So, why is the damage of your Gao Jianli ult so low? The reason is very cheap, that is, when you are playing Gao Jianli, you just simply increase the power, and you do not constantly use enhanced basic attacks to deal damage during this period. If you just simply open the big move, the damage will be more than 6000. If the basic attack is interspersed during the ultimate move, and the basic attack is fired every time the energy is full, the damage can reach 13,000, more than doubled.

In addition, during Gao Jianli’s ultimate move, he can get 15% damage-free, and each additional enemy around Gao Jianli can increase his damage-free by 5%. The damage-free effect of , coupled with the group damage of Gao Jianli’s ultimate move, the benefits will be higher. Gao Jianli can bring a weakening, berserk or flashing, and the weakening plus the damage-free of the ultimate move, Gao Jianli will hardly die in a group. Berserk is very helpful to Gao Jianli’s damage and blood-sucking, and if he flashes, the fault tolerance rate of the group is a little higher. I believe that careful friends can see that there is a small shield behind Gao Jianli’s health bar. This shield can display several enemies, that is, your injury-free effect.

What do you think of Gao Jianli’s performance? Welcome to leave a message and discuss in the comment area, please pay more attention, we will see you in the next issue.