Why do you say that the red flame dragon ruined the CSOL biochemical mode? Because the black dragon cannon doesn’t have that ability

The current CSOL biochemical mode is infinitely close to the coolness. In order to keep the last batch of biochemical players, the official even created a program to help hang-up players play this mode, so many players thought it was the official conscience of CSOL, but it was actually It was just an attempt by them to keep the last batch of CSOL players, and from the current situation, it is only a matter of time before the game cools down.

However, some people will definitely be curious about what caused the game to become such a messed up look. In fact, it is not difficult to understand this situation. The reason is very simple. It is the black dragon cannon. There are many people They all feel that the black dragon cannon caused the current biochemical mode to be in a state of embarrassment, because the black dragon cannon and the axe were the two major artifacts of CSOL back then. They were known as the axe in the north and the dragon cannon in the south. Therefore, they became what we see now. look like.

In fact, what really caused the current situation of CSOL, in fact, the black dragon cannon only bears a certain responsibility, but this responsibility is not absolute, you must know, what period is the black dragon cannon, it was in 2012, say no To put it mildly, how could a weapon from ten years ago be brought to bear on the game now? In fact, I think that the weapon that really caused the coolness of the CSOL biochemical mode is not the Black Dragon Cannon, but the Red Flame Demon Dragon, which is known as the Black Dragon Cannon 2.0.

If we want to talk about this weapon, we have to talk about the history of the Black Dragon Cannon. At the beginning, since the BUG was officially repaired, this weapon has completely become a garbage weapon, and it no longer has the glory of the past. So, In order to allow players to continue to consume in the game, so in 2017, that is, five years after the birth of the Black Dragon Cannon, the official launched a version 2.0 of the Black Dragon Cannon, the Red Flame Demon Dragon, which may not be a big deal now. , but at that time, it was quite against the sky.

Compare the black dragon cannon. In the regular mode, there is no difference between the two. However, in the biochemical mode, I am sorry, the direct gap widens instantly. In the face of biochemical unarmored and armored zombies, its power is the black dragon cannon. More than three times the power, one can imagine how powerful it is, not to mention the cataclysm, which is more than 8 times more powerful. Under such circumstances, it can be seen how powerful it is, and the official estimates did not realize this. .

So, when such a heaven-defying artifact entered the biochemical mode, it can be seen how strong its presence is. At that time, it was only exclusive to krypton gold players at the beginning, and the impact was not very big, and there would not be much between players. The gap, but, in the back, with the continuous update of the official, problems and troubles appeared, because the response of the players was particularly good, which gave the official a hint that the players liked to play this weapon, and they updated it decisively. Many weapons and props come out.

Seeing that there are fewer and fewer players playing this weapon later, the official also understands, and decisively gives the weapon cabbage to ordinary players, so that everyone has this weapon, it seems that this wave of conscience, but, don’t Forget, everyone has it. The unlucky ones are the zombies. The most important thing is that the official later made an enhancement item and included the Red Flame Demon Dragon in the list of enhancements. As a result, the disadvantage of doing this is the game. Again it was further magnified.

So, the result is that the zombies we see can only be continuously strengthened and then strengthened, so that the balance can be barely achieved. However, even if this is the case, can the problem be solved? The answer is no, because the zombies have been greatly enhanced, the result is that the ability of the zombies has also been greatly enhanced, and the consequence is that there will be no old players anymore, because the old players have the weapons they used to, and they can no longer feel the game. Fun, it’s only a matter of time before the biochemical mode is eliminated.