Why do you need a DSLR to record your life? OPPO Find X5 Pro Hasselblad real shooting experience

Autumn is my favorite season of the year. Autumn is not as hot as summer, and there is no cold wind in winter. It is very suitable for going outdoors for some activities and enjoying the autumn scenery. In previous years, I usually chose to take my SLR camera out for shooting, but in October this year, I chose to take the OPPO Find X5 Pro to the park for an autumn tour and recorded some beautiful pictures with it.

Easily record autumn colors OPPO Find X5 Pro real shooting experience

The biggest feeling of shooting with OPPO Find X5 Pro is ease. When shooting with a professional camera, users often need to adjust the parameters according to the changes of the scene, and also need to process the color of the photos taken later. The various parameters of OPPO Find X5 Pro are automatically set by the mobile phone during shooting. At the same time, OPPO and Hasselblad jointly conducted sensor-level color calibration on the imaging effect of OPPO Find X5 Pro, and processed based on Hasselblad natural color optimization. , which can bring outstanding imaging results without post-editing.

It can be seen from the few samples I took casually that the direct shot of the main photo of OPPO Find X5 Pro is very satisfactory. The details of the picture are not only free of annoying over-smearing problems, but also the color of the picture is also very satisfactory. Pretty close to the actual natural look and feel.

The Hasselblad XPAN camera mode of the OPPO Find X5 Pro is a photography mode that I personally like very much. This mode draws on the design of the Hasselblad wide-frame camera to achieve ultra-wide photography capabilities, allowing users to use their mobile phones only with different viewing angles. Take a wide photo.

OPPO also cooperated with Hasselblad to bring the master tone function on the OPPO Find X5 Pro. There are three master tone tones for portrait, scenery and fairy tales to choose from. These three tones are carefully adjusted by Hasselblad masters, which can present users with more unique textured photo colors based on the colors of the original photos.

Dual main camera system OPPO Find X5 Pro image configuration

The imaging system of OPPO Find X5 Pro is designed in cooperation with OPPO and Hasselblad. Its rear camera module consists of a 50-megapixel floating anti-shake main camera + a 50-megapixel free-form surface ultra-wide-angle lens + a 13-megapixel high-definition telephoto lens. Meet the shooting needs of users in different focal lengths.

At the same time, OPPO Find X5 Pro also adopts linkage anti-shake technology similar to that of professional cameras. The optical module and sensor of the main camera lens of OPPO Find X5 Pro are equipped with optical anti-shake components respectively, thus realizing dual OIS five-axis anti-shake. ability. And in order to realize the coordinated anti-shake between the lens and the sensor, OPPO has developed a special software algorithm, which can split the jitter data and distribute it to the two active components of the lens and the sensor respectively.

In addition to its excellent optical configuration, the computational photography capabilities of OPPO Find X5 Pro have also been greatly improved compared to other models. OPPO Find X5 Pro has built-in OPPO’s self-developed Mariana MariSilicon X chip, which adopts DSA’s new golden architecture concept and has super computing power of up to 18TOPS, that is, up to 18 trillion calculations per second, and can run pixel-level AI noise reduction model. In terms of energy efficiency, the Mariana X chip has reached an industry-leading 11.6TOPS/w; the image raw data transmission and calculation bit width has been increased to 20bits, greatly improving the data transmission capability, with 20bitUltra HDR dynamic range capability, 20bitRAW domain processing and RGBWPro dual-channel processing performance.


Compared with using a professional camera, using a mobile phone for photography is not only less travel weight, but also can record the scenery from different perspectives. And with the development of mobile phone imaging technology, the imaging effects of flagship imaging mobile phones are no longer inferior to professional cameras in some daily scenarios. OPPO Find X5 Pro is an imaging flagship phone jointly created by OPPO and Hasselblad. Its imaging effect not only surpasses most flagship phones, but also incorporates Hasselblad imaging technology, bringing a more outstanding shooting experience. OPPO Find X5 Pro 8GB+256GB is priced at 4299 yuan, and supports 24 interest-free periods.