Why do skin sensitivity symptoms occur?

The face always looks bumpy and bumpy; the face is prone to red itching and allergies when exposed to the sun… If you have similar symptoms, be careful that “sensitive muscles” come to you. Symptoms of sensitive skin, including but not limited to sensitivity, allergies, rosacea, various types of dermatitis, etc. Why does skin sensitivity occur? experts to answer.

Cuticle damage

Most girls like to use scrubs to exfoliate, various facial rubs, and irritating skin care products such as acid brushing at home. If they are not properly controlled, it is easy to cause damage to the stratum corneum.

Inflamed skin

Whether it is the stimulation of foreign bodies that cause stratum corneum damage, or the accumulation of foreign bodies such as spices, antibacterial agents, and preservatives in the basal layer, phagocytes in the human body will be induced to attack these foreign bodies, and chronic skin inflammation will naturally occur. During this period, there may be redness, small pimples, frequent allergies, and skin pain when applying skin care.

skin aging

Damage to the stratum corneum and chronic inflammation of the skin can cause a variety of problems, affecting various glandular abnormalities of the skin organs, such as: abnormal secretion of sebaceous glands can lead to an imbalance of water and oil in the skin, acne, dry peeling, fine lines, dryness Problems such as tattoos also followed.

In addition, it will also affect the ability of some working cells in the dermis of the skin, such as the “collagen manufacturing factory” – fibroblasts. If the fibroblasts are sick or broken, there will be less collagen, thereby accelerating a series of skin aging. Reaction.

Ma Xiaolin, director of the cosmetic dermatology department of Chongqing Xingrong Plastic Surgery Hospital, reminded that if the skin is sensitive, it must be dealt with in time, and you can choose to go to the hospital for treatment related to sensitive skin repair. Because the repair of sensitive skin mainly needs to relieve the state of chronic skin inflammation, metabolize foreign substances such as spices, antibacterial agents, and preservatives in the basal layer of the skin, and at the same time rebuild the skin barrier, balance the skin state, and restore healthy skin. (Contributed by Chongqing Xingrong Plastic Surgery Hospital)

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