Why do myopia surgery need to be “customized”?

Recently, myopic patients often ask: “I have 60 degrees of myopia, can I have myopia laser surgery? There are so many myopia laser surgeries, which one is better?” There are many questions like this, and it is difficult to generalize. Because everyone’s eyes are different, laser surgery for myopia needs to be “customized”.

Why do myopia surgery need to be “customized”?

“Tailored, Tailored”

Clothes need to be “customized”, tailored according to personal height, weight, shoulder width, bust, etc. The same is true for myopia surgery, which requires “customization of the eye.” There are no two identical leaves in the world, nor two identical eyes. There are differences in the degree of myopia, corneal thickness, and eye conditions of each person. Therefore, the suitable surgical methods are also different.

The surgery that suits you is the best

Since there may be differences in the surgical methods, which surgical method is better? Although there are various types of myopia surgery, there is no good or bad, because different surgical methods are suitable for different eye conditions, and they are all good. No matter what kind of surgery is carried out, as long as it meets the conditions of surgery, it is equally effective.

Preoperative examination is the key

Specifically, how is myopia surgery customized? Because everyone’s eye conditions are different, a detailed and systematic preoperative eye examination is very important. Detailed and complete preoperative examination results can not only help doctors design a suitable surgical plan, but also determine whether they truly meet the conditions for myopia surgery.

Myopia surgery, customized

Full femtosecond laser myopia surgery: full laser surgery without knife and minimally invasive surgery, with high accuracy, fast postoperative recovery, and high visual quality.

Suitable for the crowd: ordinary people with myopia.

ICL intraocular lens implantation

Wider range of correction, no damage to corneal tissue, maintaining the structural integrity of the eye, and excellent postoperative visual quality.

Suitable for the crowd: people with high myopia and thin cornea.

Myopia surgery has developed to this stage, and it has been very advanced and effective. However, myopia surgery is equivalent to finely sculpting the surface of the eye, and the requirements for surgical equipment, surgeons, and postoperative services are very high. Professional eye hospital with professional team.

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