Why did the Luftwaffe have advanced ME262 jet fighters in World War II?

War has always been a contest of comprehensive national strength. Germany’s comprehensive national strength is obviously not as good as that of the United States and the Soviet Union. In fact, before the outbreak of World War II, Germany’s comprehensive national strength was comparable to that of Britain and France. Such a country suffered from both sides of the United States and the Soviet Union. It is unreasonable to attack, and individual advanced weapons cannot have a significant impact on the strategic general situation.

The picture shows the American F80 fighter jet, which is also a jet fighter in World War II.

How is the comprehensive national strength reflected? When the German army transported troops by road and mules and horses to transport supplies in the Soviet Union, although there were many trucks, the motorization of logistics transport and troop transport had not been fully realized. The Soviet Union had begun to use the railway system to deploy a large number of troops and transport supplies. , and equip each group army with more than 4,000 trucks for logistics transportation, basically realizing the motorization of the logistics of the entire army. Such troop mobility and support capabilities are unmatched by Germany. Perhaps Germany, which is smaller in national strength, can use advanced weapons. The in-depth nature and combat experience can gain advantages in some battles, but the overall strategy is far inferior to that of major powers.

The logistics of the German army in World War II relied heavily on mules and horses, mainly relying on mules and horses.

When the German Air Force was still using the Stuka to launch air raids, and after years of air raids on London, the United Kingdom could not win the air supremacy of the British Isles after paying a huge price, the United States had developed long-range strategic bombers such as the B17 and B29. Multiple planes can destroy a medium-sized city and level an industrial area. As a result, Germany’s industrial production in the late World War II could not keep up with the needs of the front line, which greatly delayed the progress of industrial production such as tanks, cars, and missiles. .

Compared with the German army, the Soviet army has a high level of motorization, and trucks are widely used.

When the German Navy was still working on the construction of its first aircraft carrier Zeppelin, the U.S. Navy had equipped hundreds of aircraft carriers of various types in World War II, and the huge aircraft carrier battle groups under Halsey alone were enough It is enough to destroy a country, known as the “destruction fleet”. Compared with the German Navy in the late World War II, the German Bismarck has been sunk and Tirpitz has been paralyzed by bombing in northern Europe. Only submarines can be used to continuously launch traffic wars against transport ships. , such a threat is simply not a grade.

The Soviet army has a high degree of mechanization and huge industrial capacity.

And with just over 1,000 ME262s, how much can it change the battle situation? What’s more, the jet fighters of the United States and the United Kingdom have been developed at that time. Even the most classic propeller fighter P51 Mustang is not necessarily weaker than the ME262 in terms of combat effectiveness. Therefore, Germany has no chance of winning. Compared with the role played by the ME262, maybe Tiger tanks have a bigger role, but none of these advanced weapons have the ability to turn the tide of the battle. Therefore, never want to rely on one or two advanced weapons to start a war confidently. In the end of the war, the overall national strength is still the fight.