Why can the all-inclusive eyeliner help Hong Kong-style beauties kill the Quartet, stunning for half a century?

In the 1980s and 1990s , all-inclusive eyeliner swept across the country.

Even Hong Kong, which had not returned at that time, was also influenced by the popular smoky eye makeup in Europe and the United States, resulting in Hong Kong-style eyeliner.

With a little smoky effect, it not only cuts the water to show the eyes, but also deepens the emotional conveyance.

Putting all-inclusive eyeliner on the Hong Kong-style beauties of that era became their beauty bonus.

It has created countless aesthetic models and outstanding looks, which make people mistaken for life at first sight.

To this day, it is still being honored, imitated, and re-engraved, but no one can surpass it.

Why can the all-inclusive eyeliner help Hong Kong-style beauties kill the Quartet, classic and stunning for half a century?

The sheep are late, but let’s find out~

Hong Kong style all-inclusive eyeliner

The essential elements of the world’s most beautiful face

As the saying goes, the aesthetics of the times creates youth.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Hong Kong’s economy was in a period of rapid development, which was the golden age of film and television.

In the fierce collision of Eastern and Western cultures, women’s aesthetics have been developed in various ways, with a high degree of fashion and avant-garde.

As a result, a large number of Hong Kong-style beauties of that era emerged.

They may be graceful

or gorgeous

or fresh and refined

or peerless elegance

They have a variety of styles, each with its own strengths, incomparable, charming, and staged an authentic Hong Kong-style killing.

There is no need for any atmosphere to set up, at the first glance, the words “beautiful blank” will be clear to the heart.

They have distinct facial features, black hair and red lips, from the eyes to the strands of hair, they are full of charming tension.

I couldn’t help but look twice, and I was hit hard all of a sudden… Xinba.

Sister Shark Me! Sister catches me! I can do it, sister! (Nympho face hehe)

It is not difficult to find that the makeup of Hong Kong-style beauties is rich in color, focused, bright and free and easy.

The painting method can be summarized as “one light and three heavy” :

The base makeup should be clear, but slightly enhanced. Eyebrow, eye, and lip makeup should be heavy.

Hong Kong style makeup does not blindly pursue perfect facial features.

It accepts a large and square face, and has no rigid requirements for three courts and five eyes.

It just subtly amplifies the advantages of the facial features and makes them shine, thereby weakening the shortcomings of the face.

Especially the eye makeup part.

Compared with the use of long eyelashes in modern makeup, Hong Kong-style beauties prefer to work hard on the eyeliner.

All-inclusive eyeliner can not only highlight the overall outline of the eyes, but also increase the sense of agility and storytelling.

It can also subtly trim facial bugs in subtleties, making it the top priority of Hong Kong-style makeup .

Like Zhou Huimin’s original face shape, the edges and corners are relatively strong and not delicate enough.

It is through the all-inclusive eyeliner that the sensation is amplified, the temperament is pulled to the tranquil and gentle, and the aggression is weakened.

As for Zhong Chuhong, it is precisely the square face that is not smooth enough, and has a clear sense of stun.

Through the adjustment and modification of the all-inclusive eyeliner, the state is a little more profound and sharp, and it looks more advanced.

Therefore, all-inclusive eyeliner can capture the hearts of Hong Kong-style beauties.

And its charm goes far beyond that.

In addition to ancient Egypt 12,000 years ago, there are also all-inclusive eyeliner figures in ancient Chinese ladies.

In the 1920s, European and American women also discovered the importance of all-inclusive eyeliner for the eyes.

The thick black upper and lower eyeliner can make the eyes magnify exponentially and keep the look bright, which has become the mainstream makeup for a while.

Even if you can’t afford eyeliner, you’ll try a homemade blend of Vaseline and soot to outline your eyes.

In the 1950s, European and American women realized that lifting eyeliner can make themselves as charming and charming as cats.

Gradually began to try to use blue, purple and green eyeliner to outline the exaggerated cat eye charm makeup.

In the 1980s, the use of colored eyeliner and contrasting eyeshadow was derived to pursue a strong contrast in makeup.

Obviously, Hong Kong Island at this time has already been affected by the trend of all-inclusive eyeliner, and is trying to keep up with the times.

On the basis of drawing on the characteristics of European and American eyeliners, they have improved it combined with the basis of appearance.

The Hong Kong-style all-inclusive eyeliner with cool and advanced temperament has emerged .

The magic of Hong Kong-style all-inclusive eyeliner is that it is always suitable for light makeup and heavy application.

Versatile, and can’t go wrong, with its own buff bonus, which makes people wink like silk.

With the natural complexion of strong hair flu, and the slightly raised eyebrows, the corners of the eyes are full of style.

Different from the wild style of European and American smoky eye makeup, the Hong Kong-style all-inclusive eyeliner is softer.

The range of shadow smudges has been narrowed, and the thickness of the eyeliner has also been changed.

Soft with firmness, it contains a sense of emotion, and it shows the gentle temperament of East Asian women.

And it is also different from the darker style of the Korean girl group. The Hong Kong-style all-inclusive eyeliner is more to emphasize the sense of shadow .

They like to blacken a small area of ​​the eyes to create a small smoky look.

Eyeliner with a strong sense of shadow, more modified the shape of the eyes themselves, to bring out the watery light of the eyes.

It should be emphasized that the essence of the lower eyeliner is the inner eyeliner in the first half and the outer eyeliner in the second half.

On the lower eyelid, along the base of the lashes, draw a fine line.

Not only will this not crowd the eye sockets, but it will also make the eyes look more vibrant and timeless.

Gradually, some people began to lazily improve, and only half a bag of lower eyeliner was drawn.

Of course, there may be a problem with the cosmetics at that time, and it is easy to dizzy makeup, resulting in the full package of eyeliner becoming half a package.

Later, the lower eyeliner only painted 1/3 of the makeup at the end of the eye, which became the exclusive feature of Teacher Mao Geping.

Mr. Mao Geping is best at using full or half-pack eyeliner to show the feminine side.

It not only helps the actors to improve their eye lines, but also invisibly gives them a classical charm, which has made a generation of ancient beauties.

It’s just that in recent years, all-inclusive eyeliner is exclusively used by the blackened heroine of costume dramas.

The extra points of the great beauty have become synonymous with bad women, I stand in front of you, you can see how much I look like before…

Hong Kong style eyeliner improvement

God assists with pale face

I believe that in the impression of many treasures, the all-inclusive eyeliner is exclusive to the appearance of the thick face, but it is not.

Liang Xiaobing, who was born in the same year as Liangliang’s Hong Kong sister, belongs to the light-faced department, with flat facial features and a stingy face.

However, there is no pressure to control the all-inclusive eyeliner, but the beautiful eyes are more agile and shiny, which is pitiful.

Most of our East Asian girls have relatively light facial features and round and smooth facial lines.

From an aesthetic point of view, the biggest flaw in eye shape is that the eyeliner is not long enough.

The eyelids cannot be opened, and the proportion of black eyeballs exposed is small. This has resulted in the lack of beauty impact.

Compared with eye shadow, eyeliner can better modify the eye shape of East Asian girls and save the eyes from lack of spirit.

And the all-inclusive eyeliner can modify these bugs very well.

At the same time, it can increase the sense of the five senses, and strengthen the overall bright and sassy.

However, all-inclusive eyeliner is really not suitable for everyone to draw.

Because it is necessary to outline the complete outline of the eye and form a closure with the upper eyeliner, the requirements for the eye shape are relatively high.

Eyes with raised eyes are not suitable.

If you are not careful, it is easy to overturn the car (the negative case of dd internal entertainment in the comment area is welcome).

And people with wide split eyes (that is, round eyes) are not suitable, and they will feel stiff.

But it is very suitable for people with slender eyes.

At the same time, the technical difficulty of all-inclusive eyeliner is also relatively high.

To a certain extent, this is also why the old aunt in the Northeast chooses the kind of tattoo and embroidery, once and for all.

Most of the Hong Kong-style beauties have professional stylists, and ordinary people will only encounter the unreliable teacher Tony…

srds, how can people who love beauty be limited by mere conditions?

What’s more, there is no specific standard and quantification of beauty itself.

Sheep specially summed up some practical makeup skills for those who want to get Hong Kong-style all-inclusive eyeliner .

Quick copy homework!

There are two main points for the all-inclusive eyeliner of Hong Kong-style beauty :

First, the eyeliner should have a soft mist texture, and the second is to focus on the lower eyeliner.

The first step is to fill in the inner eyeliner and draw it along the root of the upper eyelashes, not the inner eyelid.

Then gently pull the eyeliner along the end of the eye and adjust the edge of the eyeliner.

Source: @Don’t call me to stay up late

The second step is to gently draw the lower lash line from the back to the front.

Source: @Fire Hare-

You need to make a draft first, determine the position and then deepen.

Use dark eyeshadow to smudge the lower eyeliner naturally, deepen the root of the lower eyelashes in a small area, and blend down to the bottom.

The third step is to deepen the upper eyeliner from the top of the pupil to the end of the eye, which helps to elongate the eye shape, and then outline the eye.

In this way, you can have the delicate eye makeup of Hong Kong-style beauty.

Woohoo, I suggest my sister send her hand!

Sheep can only draw aunties like the old aunt in the northeast (not to say that the old aunt is not good-looking).

Source: @Fire Hare-

Babies can choose half-package or full-package eyeliner according to their own eye shape.

Thus, the original facial hardware foundation is fine-tuned.

If you have round eyes, you can refer to Zhong Chuhong and apply all-inclusive eyeliner.

If you have sharp eyes, just refer to Zhou Huimin and apply half a bag of eyeliner.

All-inclusive eyeliner is more charming and colorful, suitable for girls with big eyes who are good at European and American makeup.

The improved half-pack eyeliner is pure and pleasant, which is suitable for the eye shape of most East Asian girls.

The half-package eyeliner is the same as the full package, and the focus of the overall eye makeup is on the lower eyeliner.

Deepen the root of the lower eyelashes, add a little smudge effect at the end of the eye, and blend down to the point, which is also very moving.

Image source: @support Zhao Zhao

Sheep also talked to you before, East Asia generally prefers to pursue the “immature” sweet girl aesthetic.

And I don’t like the bright and elegant characteristics of mature women.

As a result, Hong Kong-style beauties are always frozen periodically, and then revived after a period of time, and so on.

This is also why the makeup of Hong Kong-style beauties always becomes popular every once in a while.

The essence of the black velvet retro makeup that Xiaoju reversed earlier was also taken from the makeup of Hong Kong-style beauties.

Source: @美言大达

Then again.

The same is all-inclusive eyeliner, the Northeast aunt chose tattoos, which has become a symbol of the times.

Hong Kong-style beauties choose to paint, and they have become a world-class beauty.

The difference between the two outcomes is, in the final analysis, the difference in the level of economic development and status.

Female stars have professional stylists, and they can get all-inclusive eyeliner at any time.

In addition, the occupation requires different makeup, and basically do not choose to go for tattoos.

When the times change, the aesthetics change, and the adjustability is stronger.

As a limited makeup look in the 1980s and 1990s, it will remain in the old photos, and the classics will last forever.