Why can’t you come close to the dead whale when you see it on the beach? I broke out in a cold sweat after watching it

There used to be many huge things on the earth, but with the changes of the times, huge top predators such as dinosaurs withdrew from the world stage, which also made whales the largest animals in the world. And we all know that whales are mammals that live in the ocean. There is a hole in their back that can be used to breathe. The water column is just like the fountain we usually see.

But people are born, old, sick and die, and animals in the world are no exception. In recent years, incidents of whale strandings and deaths have occurred frequently, and many scenes are very tragic. Therefore, after seeing the stranded whale carcass, some tourists want to get close and take a photo together to regret it, but at this time they will be told that the whale carcass cannot be touched casually. Why? Next, let us find out together: Why can’t you approach the dead whale at sea? After reading it, I broke out in a cold sweat.

First of all, we all know that whales have a large amount of food, and they eat very fast, so the digestive system of whales is very poor. It takes a long time for food to be completely decomposed in the whale’s stomach, and it will also produce a lot of food. gases, methane, hydrogen sulfide, etc. These gases will not cause any problems when the whale is alive, but if the whale dies once.

Then all the organs in the whale’s body will stop working, and the large amount of gas in the body and the internal organs of the whale’s body will start to rot, which will breed bacteria and produce a lot of gas during the process of growth and reproduction. The body of the stranded whale is Closed tightly, coupled with sunlight, the whale’s body continues to expand. If it reaches a certain level, it will explode.

It is said that the explosion was even more terrifying than the gas explosion, which shows how terrifying its power is. And I also said before that the whale will secrete a large amount of bacteria after death, so at the moment of the explosion, the onlookers on the beach will be infected with bacteria, and the immunity of the human body will decline at that time, and it will be very serious if there is any problem. It’s hard to stop.

Therefore, even if you see the dead body of a whale in the future, you must not stay by it for too long. At this time, you must contact the local government in time, and the government will properly arrange them. Otherwise, it may be very dangerous and endanger your own life. It is the right choice to stay far away.