Why can’t such a high vaccination rate still end the epidemic?

The latest data reported by the National Health and Medical Commission on October 24 shows that there are 3,784 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia (including 15 severe cases).

Why can’t such a high vaccination rate still end the epidemic? In this regard, Gao Fu pointed out that blocking the epidemic requires an immune barrier. After the immune barrier is established, there is a breakthrough infection. The game between humans and viruses is like a “cat and mouse game”, which is always contested. Gao Fu said that the immune barrier established by the new crown vaccine provides four levels of protection, preventing infection, preventing disease, preventing transmission, preventing severe illness and preventing death. Big data from around the world show that vaccines are very effective in preventing severe illness and death, and the immune barrier of this level of protection has been basically established; however, due to the mutation characteristics of the new coronavirus, immunity in preventing infection, disease and transmission The barrier still needs to be strengthened.

Gao Fu appealed that everyone should not have “vaccine hesitation” and should receive a booster shot as soon as possible to wake up immune cells and let them recognize the new coronavirus. Whether the fourth injection will be administered in the future, and what kind of fourth injection will be administered, the state will further study and judge based on the epidemic situation and the risk-benefit ratio.

Why is the current vaccine effect “discounted” when encountering multiple virus variants? Gao Fu explained that most of the current vaccine designs are designed for the top of the virus surface protrusion protein (the RBD region of the S protein), but this region is also the most fickle part of the new coronavirus.

So, is it possible to develop a broad-spectrum vaccine to prevent more? Gao Fu believes that if you want to prevent more, you need to change a “target” or find a few more “targets” to stimulate immunity. Multivalent vaccines, broad-spectrum vaccines, and universal vaccines all have their own “one prevention, multiple” strategies. “If we can create a fake virus with no genetic sequence in the ‘belly’ and different ‘spikes’ of various mutant strains on the outside, such a vaccine can adapt to changes without change.” This is the scientific community The “mosaic” nanoparticle vaccine is being tackled.

A month ago (September 24th), Academician Gao Fu introduced at the Mozi Salon hosted by the Shanghai Research Institute of the Chinese University of Science and Technology, that a total of 7 strategies have been adopted for the global new crown vaccine. The first is the inactivated vaccine. Live vaccines are the mainstay. The second is the attenuated vaccine. For example, the sugar pill to prevent polio is an attenuated vaccine. In addition, there are recombinant protein vaccines, viral vector vaccines, virus-like particle vaccines, DNA vaccines, and mRNA vaccines. Currently, all seven strategies have been shown to provide good protection. China currently has 7 domestic vaccines for conditional listing and emergency use, including five inactivated vaccines, one recombinant protein vaccine, and one adenovirus vector vaccine.

He emphasized that humans should not forget that when science was backward, the Black Death once wiped out half of the European population; today, the global prevention and control of the new crown epidemic is not bad, precisely because science plays a very important role.

Source: Science and Technology Daily