Why are young people with ENT in Jinan prone to tinnitus?

With the development of society, the life of young people is getting richer and richer, especially the night life. Whether it is in the game hall, bar, or nightclub, it is full of strong music, and the rich night life makes many young people linger. , but ignore the damage to their own health. Many of the patients who have recently visited Shandong ENT Hospital are young people with tinnitus. Next, experts from Shandong ENT Hospital will talk about the causes of tinnitus in young people.

  Today’s teenagers like to look for excitement. The strong music in bars and dance halls and the high atmosphere can stimulate people’s nerves to be excited, so many young people are nostalgic, even all night long, no home at night, long night club life, high decibel In a noisy environment, it will cause great damage to human ears and hearing, and it is easy to cause noise-induced tinnitus.

  Young people are mainly caused by hearing disorders due to prolonged exposure to noisy environments. Different degrees of tinnitus can be caused in different working environments. For example, many customer service workers or people working in factory workshops will have these symptoms because of the sound of wearing a headset for a long time or working in various large machines for a long time. work under.

  The cause of tinnitus in patients with noise-induced tinnitus, which is a subjective feeling of the patient, may be humming, roaring, whistling, hissing, or include more complex sounds that are always in Change. It can be intermittent, continuous or pulsatile.