Why are winter clothes so expensive?

A line from Jin Gaoyin in “Little Ladies” expresses the true meaning of buying clothes in winter: “The first thing to do when you have money is to buy winter clothes, because in summer you can barely dress like others, but winter clothes are too expensive. “Winter needs a capsule wardrobe more than summer. If we still have the possibility of trial and error in summer, then winter is to make every piece of clothing an accurate investment.

The high requirements for fabrics in winter are not only to keep warm, but also to create a better wearing experience. After all, the difference between acrylic and cashmere is probably only known to those who wear clothes. The “luxury” of cashmere is that it uses fabrics to create texture, which is a more cost-effective choice than pursuing trends that change every season.

How do you choose a coat that costs tens of thousands of dollars but can be worn for 10 years and a coat that is popular in the season from a fast fashion brand?

This Loro Piana leather jacket by Lily Rose Depp is the best example, appearing in her street shots no less than 10 times. This leather jacket has a lot more thought than you might see, and the cashmere lining adds a lot to the practicality of the leather jacket.

As one of the three giants of cashmere, Loro Piana brings the various forms of cashmere to the extreme. The new Cocooning series launched this year integrates the comfort of home clothes into daily items. When you wear cashmere close to the body, you can feel the value of the fabric.

Turtleneck sweaters, cardigans or scarves that you must wear every winter, such basic items are a good choice for first-time high-end cashmere brands. Of course, there is also Brunello Cucinelli, who focuses on the production process of cashmere, without any logo but showing the true meaning of “luxury” everywhere.

Hai Qing in Brunello Cucinelli

The top cashmere brands do not focus on the speed of replacement, and even the single products launched every year will not change much, but it is precisely this that increases the cost performance of a single purchase. Winter fashion is “worth” or “not worth”, and it pays more attention to the service life. If a coat can be worn for 10 years, why spend a little more money?

Speaking of wool and cashmere coats, Max Mara has to be mentioned, but do you know the difference between the fabric seats of several main coats? 101801 uses a blend of wool and cashmere, Manuela focuses on camel hair, and Ludmilla is made of double-layer cashmere.

Many people have a misunderstanding about cashmere that it is more difficult to care for than wool, but in fact, cashmere has better wrinkle resistance than wool. Fran Lebowitz once said: “I do not believe in God. I believe in cashmere. (I do not believe in God, I believe in cashmere)” The comfort and warmth brought by cashmere is an indispensable wearing experience this winter.

A brand dares to focus on only one fabric, and it is also a very seasonal fabric in the public impression. The boldness and creativity of extreme cashmere have become one of the young cashmere brands worthy of attention.

The extensive use of color in extreme cashmere reignites the fashionable vitality of cashmere. Seasonless, genderless, and unlimited slogan expands the inherent image of cashmere items. From clothing to bags to accessories, the all-cashmere material can’t help but sigh the designer’s imagination for a single fabric.

There is probably no one who knows how to stack winter items better than the Nordics. Extreme cashmere can play new tricks in stacking every season: vest + sweater, sweater + waistband, waistband becomes tube top in summer, completely open We have the stereotype that cashmere can only be worn alone and tends to age.

How to use cashmere material in dinner parties, daily life, sports, and even wedding styling, extreme cashmere’s discussion on cashmere has more depth and breadth, re-introduces buyers to this fabric, and gives cashmere a new definition.

Start with the basics, but let simple sweaters and cardigans open up in a more fashionable way, while casual cashmere lounge pants can free up your winter homewear options.

Even trendy girls like Hailey can’t resist the sense of freedom brought by cashmere. The everyday yet high-level texture of cashmere can bring unexpected chemical reactions by mixing some popular elements.

Lauren Manoogian, the brand that was planted because of Dakota Johnson’s street shooting, uses minimalist neutral colors to highlight the high-quality texture of wool and cashmere products.

Lauren Manoogian’s plethora of suits in the same color make people feel the warmth of being tightly wrapped in wool, as if the clothes can become your comfort zone on the move, emitting bursts of warmth on cold winter days.

It is not committed to creating a sense of dramatic conflict brought about by contrast, but to unify the direction of the design to bring a gentle dressing experience to women. Our bodies are not bound by fabrics, and we can spend the most comfortable posture in the already difficult winter.

In Lauren Manoogian you can seem to see a kind of restrained romance, a sheer fashion made of pure materials, trying to leave an indelible mark in the wardrobe of the user.

Chinese cashmere brands like Erdos and Zhihe have entered the public eye and become the first choice for everyone to buy cashmere. This year, we would like to recommend to you a Chinese cashmere brand from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Norlha, which is already well-known on the Internet, but not well-known in China.

The sky and the boundless grass in Rendoma Village, Gansu Province have become the best publicity photos of Nuole. The local herdsmen appear as brand models, making you feel the simplicity and nature. It is the most beautiful brand of this brand growing on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Good business card.

The fleece selected by Nuo Le is very special. It is a local yak wool called Khulu. It is taken from the down of the neck of the yak. ​​It is slender, smooth and comfortable to the touch, and has super warmth. Nole uses the unhurried pace of life on the plateau to weave its own style on the textile machine.

Behind every piece of work is the ultimate craftsmanship of the skilled craftsmen in the Nole workshop, which are loaded with the warmth of their palms and their dedicated eyes. As long as each craftsman breathes differently, no two Noro works are exactly the same. They also cooperate with many international brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Selfridges, Mr. Porter.

Who said that beauty and temperature cannot be both, who said that the essence of fashion must be sweaters and shorts, enjoying the security brought by cashmere, and cool girls wearing cashmere do not need to show their ankles. This winter’s trust in cashmere may start with a cashmere scarf or sweater.