Why are there no giants in domestic toys?

Do you still remember the lotus candle that was a must for birthdays when you were a child?

Unexpectedly, twenty years later, this previous generation wave actually set off a wave on the other side of the earth. It is understood that the domestic lotus candle has become popular overseas, the value has increased by 47 times, and it has even become the most dazzling flash point at the business banquet.

The explosion of Chinese toys abroad is not an exception. From cars to dolls, China, as the world’s factory, has exported a large number of high-quality toys to the world, but the brands have not left their names.

Toys are a category with a very low volume of Chinese brands.

The most intuitive thing is that there are no Chinese brands among the top ten toy brands in the world. With Lego, Bandai, Mattel and other toy brands still leading the development trend, what are Chinese toy brands doing? When can Chinese toy brands be our own giant brands?

The transformation of toy consumption “from manufacturing to intelligence”

In the days when my parents were children, toys were made by themselves. I made the iron rings I pushed, folded the ingots I smashed, and sewed the sandbags I sewed myself. The only toys that might cost money to buy might be those colorful marbles. If you can have a marble with a pattern, you will definitely be the most beautiful boy on the whole street.

In our childhood, toys were all televised. The yo-yo of “Firepower King”, the pokeball of “Pokémon”, the transforming device of “Balala Little Magic Fairy”, the four-wheel drive of “Four Wheel Brothers”, after all, in the eyes of our generation, Audi is mentioned The first reaction may not be a luxury car, but the classic slogan “Audi double diamond, my partner.”

In this day and age, toys are made by experts. German wooden toy Grimm’s, with its bold color matching, has quickly become popular in the Baoma circle as a type of building toys. The Dutch Wobbel board is currently popular in Europe. It can be used not only as a slide but also as a balance board, suitable for Various parent-child interaction scenes are highly sought after.

Today’s toys are not only for play, but also play the role of learning and puzzle more often. Whether they can exercise children’s abilities and whether they can help children’s thinking development are important factors for parents to weigh the value of toys . Play must have enough learning value to be favored by parents.

The triple “wisdom” direction of the development of the toy industry

If you also limit the definition of educational toys to building toys that exercise spatial thinking, and counting toys that exercise arithmetic skills, it will be absolutely outdated. Today’s toys are mainly divided into social toys that can simulate scenes, educational toys that can inspire children’s sense of space, direction, order and cognitive ability, and action toys that can exercise children’s gross muscle development and physical coordination . There are five varieties of operation toys that improve children’s hand-eye coordination and hand flexibility , and language toys that exercise children’s hearing ability and language expression ability .

And the current so-called “wisdom” is not only limited to the category of educational toys, “wisdom” itself also contains a variety of cultural elements, not only limited to children, adults will also be displayed by toys impressed by the “intellectual beauty”. Below we will share the three “intellectual beauty” of toys.


The wisdom of traditional culture, regain the essence of the wisdom of the ancestors

The biggest advantage of Chinese brands is that they have the inexhaustible “rich ore” of China’s five thousand years of splendid civilization. Whether it is design concept or product form, if it can be connected with the most popular “national trend”, then it will definitely reap the benefits Positive feedback from the market.

For example, it emphasizes the restoration of “popularization is protection, and use is inheritance”, taking mortise and tenon building blocks as the core of brand development, and is committed to using mortise and tenon building blocks as a carrier to interpret ancient buildings, mortise and tenon, history, culture, etc. , to spread Chinese traditional culture to more people. In December 2021, the brand and “Sanlian Life” will launch the “Chilai Pavilion” for the first time, which tells the story of a landmark building in the history of thousands of years of ancient buildings, which not only attracts many parents who buy gifts for their children, but also attracts many right Adults interested in mortise and tenon structures.

Nowadays, the brand has launched new products such as the Drunkard Pavilion, Wukong Temple and Sifang Pavilion, and has also been strongly recommended by the world heritage teacher. It has firmly grasped the differentiated positioning point of tenon and tenon toys, and the brand can develop in the future.


The wisdom of modern power, enhance national pride

In recent years, China has made continuous achievements in the fields of military and aerospace, and the national pride of the people has been greatly improved. All Chinese people are proud of the motherland, and these points that make Chinese people proud can also become the “wisdom” direction of toy creativity.

For example, Senbao’s Fujian ship, Dongfeng 41 intercontinental ballistic missile vehicle, J-15 fighter jet, and 99A main battle tank building blocks have become collection-level military model products.

Taking the Fujian ship as an example, the model is equipped with a detachable simulation deck, liftable and flat, catapult take-off device, hidden fighter and other detailed designs. Whether it is a child or a military model enthusiast, they can understand the hard core of the Fujian ship during the construction process. Scientific and technological strength, understanding the historical process of China’s aircraft carriers, is a very vivid, interesting and entertaining patriotic education experience, which can make the assemblers feel a strong sense of national pride during the assembly process.


The wisdom of module combination, logical thinking starts from childhood

Some people say that modular robots are digital versions of building blocks, but in terms of practical value, traditional building blocks are more to exercise the spatial thinking ability of the assembler, while the modular robot that needs to be programmed is to exercise the logical thinking ability of the assembler.

Take the modular robot called “Hermes among toys” as an example. As a programming robot recommended by Forbes, it can not only climb like an orangutan, walk like a spider, but also transform into a racing car and even Helping you fetch things, follow instructions to mix coffee or take pictures, etc., is a robot of infinite value. And its operation is extremely simple, no code is required for action programming, just move Clipbo and combine any actions like a movie to create a one-of-a-kind robot.

This graphical programming mode can not only help children learn the core logic and thinking skills of programming, but also continuously strengthen their self-confidence, share their creative works with users around the world, and learn some beyond their own thinking boundaries. The new content of , all benefits and no harm.

The so-called toys are tools for “playing”. How to play more deeply, more interestingly, and more valuable is a problem for toy brands to think about. Because “playing” itself is a matter of using the brain, and only producing some “brainless” toys, there is nothing new at all, and will definitely be eliminated by the times.

Multidimensional Marketing Strategies of Toy Brands

Throughout the domestic and foreign countries, in fact, there are many similarities in the development of excellent toy brands. It is nothing more than providing fashionable, novel, cool and fun sensory stimulation and emotional value. become a leading brand.

Today, if Chinese domestic toy brands want to gain popularity, increase market share, and strengthen user reputation, they should use the excellent experience of their predecessors to re-evaluate their brand positioning from the three aspects of audience, IP and media. Long-term development overcomes obstacles.


Audience Strategy: Group Diversity

Recently on the video platform, the phrase “this thing may be too childish for elementary school students, but it’s just right for me as an adult” has become the mantra of many netizens. From the trendy shops all over the big and small business circles to the magical “singing and dancing” in the KFC children’s package, the audience of toys is not limited to children. After all, who is not a baby of hundreds of months?

Of course, this kind of seemingly naive product is not without thresholds. On the contrary, these toys have higher requirements for product quality, detailed workmanship, appearance and experience. Take the bubble blowing toys that everyone played in as a child as an example, the category segmentation is very fine, from the most primitive single-ring bubble wand to the most popular Internet celebrity bubble machine Gatling 105-hole bazooka recently. Large and small creative products even cover the multi-dwelling environment of sea, land and air, meeting the product needs of different audiences in different scenarios, expanding the ceiling of product development, and laying the foundation for brand awareness in the later stage.


IP Strategy: Multidimensional Combination

Restricted by the IP manufacturing capacity of the domestic animation industry and the local film and television industry and the channel system that lags behind Europe and the United States, foreign brand IP actually occupies most of the domestic children’s toy market. As the inheritor of five thousand years of long history and culture, domestic toys also have a diversified combination of IP development needs.

Whether it is a classic brand with its own IP that has been deeply cultivated for many years, or a start-up brand in the entrepreneurial stage, it is possible to flexibly use the triple wisdom mentioned in the previous article to upgrade and empower products, further promote the extension and development of IP, and create more innovative products. Scene-based toys cater to the current mainstream consumption patterns.

In addition to traditional co-branding methods such as traditional cultural IPs and film and television works IPs, as young people spend more and more time on devices such as mobile phones and computers, traditional physical toy manufacturers can maintain an open attitude and combine virtual worlds with physical toys. Combined, to bring consumers a new experience and try. After all, even the “overlord” of the virtual game industry, Nintendo, has also launched physical products such as fitness rings and Mario Kart 8 AR Home Live Edition.


Media Strategy: Content Verticalization

In the past, we learned about toys by watching TV, and now we can learn about toys through various vertical video channels. The Magic Mixies magical fog magic pot toys, LOL surprise dress-up dolls, etc., which have been popular on the short video platform before, all became popular through the videos of experts in the toy field or funny or overturned cars. The current toy explosion path is absolutely inseparable from the boost of interesting content videos.

For example, glass marbles, which have long been outdated in China, have been played with new tricks by thoughtful video bloggers abroad. He used the limited space to hold a small “cross-country race”, which not only had various tracks, but also various branch roads. The competition was extremely intense and exciting. Later, this method was also shown in the local reality show “Let’s Run”. Many netizens called Ye Qinghui directly. The glass marbles with unique craftsmanship and high value have once again become the top trend.

On the short video stage, there are also many toy brands that have successfully broken the circle with the help of interesting content. For example, the Youqu Youpin account has successfully “killed” a bloody path in the extremely competitive plush toy field by playing with homophonic stems. The classic “turtle honey”, “shark bee” and “big clam shell” , “Little Snake Fear”, “Sweet Bean Bags”, “Ginseng Rooster”, “Hao Mang Duck” and other creative products with homophonic stems, more frequently put the account on the topic list, and achieved 20.748 million likes and 2.217 million fans. Excellent grades.

Although there are no giants of domestic toys for the time being, but fortunately now we have seen the unremitting efforts of Chinese toy brands such as Xinghui, Tuyi, Kelaisai, Weiji, and Senbao. Domestic toy brands with cultural elements have gone abroad and made great achievements on the world stage.

Edit: Mumujiang

Typesetting: Shan Taoer