Why are more and more depressed children? Be aware of these features

Nowadays, the incidence of depression tends to be younger, especially boys is much higher than girls. The manifestations of depression in children are relatively hidden, and the negative emotions and harm caused are easily ignored, so every parent needs to pay attention.

Why are more and more depressed children?

1. In-depth understanding of the disease

People’s awareness of depression is getting deeper and deeper. Most parents pay attention to their children’s emotions and seek medical attention immediately if there is any abnormality.

2. Related to parents

Parents or grandparents, one of whom has anxiety and depression, can trigger anxiety and depression in children. The unstable living environment in which the child lives and the insecurity in the growth process can also lead to depression.

3. High pressure

Now children are under great pressure, the social environment is changing rapidly, coupled with the pressure of study and life, they are excluded by classmates and teachers, resulting in depression.

What are the characteristics of depression in children?

1. Unexplained pain or discomfort

The pain caused by the disease has a clear cause, and the treatment can be based on the cause. However, pain caused by psychological factors does not have a clear cause, and there is unexplained pain or discomfort.

2. affect emotions

Pain or discomfort is closely related to emotions, with emotional or psychological abnormalities at first, and physical discomfort second. If your child is unwell and emotionally abnormal, you should also be alert to psychological problems, such as depression or anxiety.

3. Recurrent or prolonged pain

Physical discomfort caused by psychological factors is repeated and lasted for a long time.

4. There are trigger points

Psychological physical discomfort is closely related to stress, such as diarrhea before exams, and poor sleep quality after being resolved by classmates.

How to prevent depression in children?

Parents encourage their children to make more friends and take part in more outdoor activities; give enough tolerance and understanding, and support in many ways to achieve real understanding and respect; once the child has a problem, the parents should appear with the child as soon as possible and give sufficient psychological support. If the child lacks concentration, appetite, academic performance plummets, personality becomes silent, restless, poor sleep quality, etc., it is necessary to seek medical treatment immediately, comprehensive evaluation by the doctor, and scientific and standardized treatment can be cured.

When children are under greater psychological pressure, they are prone to physical discomfort, such as chronic low back pain, dyspnea, chest tightness, dull head and neck pain, etc., which need to be paid attention to by parents. If children’s atypical symptoms are not intervened in time, the condition will become more and more serious, so that they will experience depression, often conflict with classmates or family members, poor sleep quality, dislike of school, and even self-harm or suicidal tendencies, so parents should be more Take care of your child’s physical and mental health. If you have been diagnosed with depression, parents can’t blame them, they should actively change their attitude towards their children and create a harmonious family environment.

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