“Why are boys rarely seen drinking milk tea?” Hahahaha, the comments of netizens are the truth

Girls go shopping without drinking milk tea, but I rarely see boys drinking it, and it’s not because they don’t like it. Boys often: buy it, suck it, burp, throw it away. Girl: Buy it, take a sip, and keep it in your hand. So the difference came out. When we didn’t see it, the boy had quickly finished the milk tea, hahahaha

The beauty you like is actually like this at home, look at her actions, will you continue to like her?

Haha, all the cat stars despise you for running away from home

Since Hungry bought this car, girls have come to ask me every now and then!

Seeing the sea for the first time was so exciting!

I didn’t expect the whole family to watch such a fascinated TV. It turned out to be a cartoon. I really didn’t expect it.

Peeled peaches look so appetizing!

Is it a bit too much for this little brother to sell big bones at the entrance of the orthopedic hospital, what do you make passers-by think? I was stunned when I saw the patient next to me coming out of the hospital. It’s easy to scare others by taking materials on the spot, but the little brother may also think that the orthopaedic hospital needs more supplements, so I set up a stall here~

The most attractive thing here is that it is small and cute.

It’s strange that you don’t lose when you play cards like this, your attention is on your phone.

If you fall, you will fall. The problem is that you almost got strangled to death. I will never play on the swing again.

This convertible is a bit over the top

As long as the mind does not slip, there are always more solutions than difficulties!

Miss, what do you think? Still want to come in through the car window? Are you so confident in your body?

Do you know what kind of shoes people usually wear to dance? It must have its own spring device under the feet, because only in this way can you jump higher and be more able to wave, hahahaha, wearing this suit is not afraid of slashing your feet, then I must be the brightest boy in the audience, you guys Dare to try it?