Whose fault is it that AI Stefanie Sun has become the new top player in the music world?

I never thought before that AI would really become the top of the music scene one day, so the style of painting became “unpopular singer Stefanie Sun, popular singer AI Stefanie Sun”.

Although AI Stefanie Sun has a copyright infringement controversy, it does not prevent her from becoming a top streamer, and then bloodbath various short video platforms and the music area of ​​station B.


AI Stefanie Sun’s cover of “Rainy Day” has more than 1 million views, while the cover of “Hair Like Snow” has 2.11 million views.

Two days ago, Stefanie Sun wrote a short essay titled “My AI” which was widely discussed.

She says fans have moved on, have accepted the fact that she’s an unpopular singer, and said in a calm manner, “You have nothing to argue with someone who puts out a new album every few minutes.”

There is a kind of calm between the lines, but also a sense of pathos.

To put it bluntly, “AI Stefanie Sun” is to use Stefanie Sun’s voice for model training, so that you can use Stefanie Sun’s timbre to cover the songs you want to hear.

In the beginning, AI Stefanie Sun did whatever she wanted, so she was able to satisfy the fans’ desire to listen to songs, and became the hottest singer in the Chinese music scene.

Including but not limited to Wang Jie’s “A Game, A Dream”, Wang Leehom’s “Need Someone to Accompany”, Zhang Zhenyue’s “Missing Is a Kind of Disease”, Fang Datong’s “Three People Tour”, etc., even the Universal Youth Hotel’s “Kill That Shijiazhuang Man” can also be sung.

AI Stefanie Sun not only alleviated the eagerness of many fans to listen to the concert, it was even called “the greatest invention of the 21st century”, “AI cover songs cannot lose AI Stefanie Sun, just like the West cannot lose Jerusalem”.

There was even a topic discussion in the follow-up. Stefanie Sun was the first to lose her job after AI came out.

Sister Pa is giving an inappropriate analogy here: Will the invention of instant noodles make Michelin chefs unemployed?

Obviously not.

Of course, some fans joked that Stefanie Sun was taking the opportunity to show off.

Although the timbre is similar, it can become a top class in a certain sense. In the eyes of Sister Pa, it is tarnishing Stefanie Sun.

Whether it’s copyright infringement, or AI becoming a top streamer, it will replace her as an unpopular singer in the future.

Stefanie Sun’s attitude is just as she said: there is nothing to argue about.

At the same time, she has her own set of ideas about AI and expresses her feelings. In front of AI, she knows that she is not special, she can be predicted or even customized, after all, everyone is in the vortex of the times.

“The irony is that the inability of human beings to surpass it is just around the corner.”

“At the moment I feel like a person who is eating popcorn and sitting in the best seat in a movie theater.”

“I don’t think the idea of ​​love can save the day”.

The original text of Stefanie Sun’s response was actually in English, and then some netizens translated it. This article gave many people relief, and even said that Stefanie Sun’s writing style can be a composition teacher in the entertainment industry.

“From the inside out, from the works to the people, there is a strong attraction.”

“It’s really not easy to hear the sincere words of celebrities in this era.”

“It is foreseeable that in the future ai Stefanie Sun will also be the most iconic ai singer.”

On the other hand, some people suspect that Stefanie Sun even responded with ChatGPT, but in fact, Stefanie Sun is fully capable of writing such a high-level article.

After all, Stefanie Sun graduated from the Marketing Department of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Her father, Sun Yaohong, is also a professor at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, while her mother teaches at a technical school.

At that time, Taiwan’s Warner Music Chairman Zhou Jianhui discovered Stefanie Sun and hoped to sign a contract, but Father Sun insisted that “if you want to concentrate on singing, you must first concentrate on finishing college.”

But it is also this stubbornness and personality that Warner is willing to wait for two years.

After Stefanie Sun graduated, she was signed and launched as a heavyweight newcomer, and the song “Dark Sky” made her famous.

So those who see other people’s intentional responses, but subconsciously feel that they are very humorous, and say “write it with AI”, are really ignorant.

Stefanie Sun will not be the first to be unemployed when AI comes out, but those who just want to find class representatives.


It is undeniable that the current AI is becoming a trend in all walks of life. This year, Taiwanese female singer Shanni Chen made a bold attempt.

On White Day on March 14, Chen Shanni released a new song “Teach Me How to Be Your Lover”.

Some attentive fans felt that Chen Shanni’s singing skills seemed to be secretly rejuvenating after listening to it.

But in fact, it was sung by “AI Chen Shanni”. Chen Shanni trained the AI ​​to sing it. She hopes to teach the AI ​​to sing a song that is touching and sincere.

If it weren’t for her own self-exposure, no one would be able to hear it, because the various pronunciations and breathing are very in place. Every sound and every breath, including all harmony, is the result of full AI singing, including the cover of this single, which is also generated by AI.

The birth of this AI song is not to deceive or be lazy, but Chen Shanni hopes to use an AI song to prove that the creator will not be replaced by AI.

“At the moment when the development of AI is hotly discussed, creators are excited and worried. Through this song, Shanni Chen hopes to inspire all those who care about artistic creation to think – if the era of AI is bound to come, as a creator, you should care about it. The question may not be “whether we will be replaced”, but “what else can we do”. “

If AI can simulate everything about the original singer, what will be the value of the original singer?

This question is actually worth thinking about.

When AI Stefanie Sun first came out, it really shocked many old fans, because the timbre is really similar, but if you listen carefully, it does not have Stefanie Sun’s singing and style, it does not have Stefanie Sun’s agility at all, it is just a result of simulation and practice.

Many people are healed by the songs of ai Stefanie Sun late at night, but in fact it is Stefanie Sun’s sincere voice in your heart that heals you.

In 2000, Stefanie Sun made her debut with the album of the same name, Stefanie Sun, and won the 2000 Volkswagen Records annual album sales championship in one fell swoop. At that time, it was written on the cover of the album: There is no 22-year-old girl who sings like her.

Stefanie Sun’s unique voice made the song “Dark Black” spread across the Taiwan Strait, and even defeated Jay Chou by 1 vote, and won the Best Newcomer Award at the 12th Golden Melody Awards.

Stefanie Sun has always been indifferent to the entertainment industry, even if she has been in the music scene a few times, she has never regretted it. Even at that time, the media already had the entry “Jay Chou for men, Stefanie Sun for women” to describe the Chinese pop music market at that time.

When she no longer knows what else she can bring to fans, she will resolutely choose to quit and live her own life.

Stefanie Sun’s normal heart seems to have been supporting her since her debut. That’s why everyone said she was alive.

Because of this suddenness, she can accept that she is called an “unpopular singer” by everyone. Also because everyone is not special and can be customized, so I feel that AI Stefanie Sun will eventually surpass Stefanie Sun one day.

It doesn’t matter how niche or perverted or deranged and cruel you are, that’s the reality.


In this era, there are singers and entertainers who don’t flatter and flatter those nihilistic things, which is already very rare.

It is by no means easy to live purely all the time.

“In this boundless sea of ​​existence, everything is possible and nothing matters. I think it is enough to have the purity of thought and the self.”