Who will win the eight places in the World Championship? Will TTG and AG super play have no chance?

It can be said that in 2022, only the World Championship will not start. At the end of November, the trials will officially start. It is worth mentioning that everyone is very curious about which teams will be in the eight places in this competition? In fact, eStar and Wolves have already occupied two places. Therefore, the remaining 6 places have also become the focus of everyone’s hot discussion. After all, fans all hope that their favorite team can officially enter the main game. If they cannot enter the main game, then they will go on vacation. They will not be able to play until the spring season starts later this year, which is also quite uncomfortable. .

According to the analysis of many people, it can be seen that in the first round of the game, the WB team faced off with the GK team, and the XYG team faced off with TTG. Then it is very likely that WB and XYG will get the places. In fact, many people think that TTG should be the strongest than XYG, right? But in fact, we know that some of TTG are not doing their job right now, and they always want to go the traffic route, and XYG’s players are still very stable, so it is quite possible to get a place.

But it was different when it came to the second round, because the top 6 teams in KPL were all very strong. In addition to TTG, GK, EDGM, and KSG teams are all likely to get places. Then it is the quota for WB and XYG, so there is only one quota left. So which team can get it? In fact, we also ignored a team, that is Hero Jiujing, it can be said that they are still competitive, but the World Championship does not allow new players to play, which also makes them likely to miss the main game this time. , it depends on their level. So in the end Hero, TTG, and AG Super Play Club may all get the last spot.

I have to mention that, as a KPL team, AG Super Play will also participate in the trials, but many people are not optimistic, they think that there is a high probability that they will not be able to get 8 places. Even if they get 8 places, there is no way to achieve better results. After all, the upper limit of their players is too low, which is an undoubted fact. But no matter who the 8 places are in the end, I hope that these teams can do their best and don’t leave any regrets.

In addition, in addition to the high prize money, this time the World Championship also has a champion skin problem that deserves attention. This time the champion can get 5 skins, which is already on par with the professional League of Legends game. After all, this is the first time that the Glory of Kings has held the World Championship, and the queue will definitely be full, so all teams want to win the championship. Originally thought that foreign teams would also have the power to fight, but unfortunately the old version was used, and KPL players are also familiar with it, so it is very likely that the championship will be produced among the strong teams, ES, Wolves and WB only. is the ultimate winner.

One thing to say, the reason why the official chose to hold the World Championship is to hope that the competition will become more and more beautiful. Instead of just watching those teams compete for the championship every time, it’s really boring to watch. Some people even feel that there is no need to watch it. It must be the KPL team that won the championship, so I hope that the World Championship will bring us more exciting content. But because in the old version of the game, the heroes are really poor, so this time it is very likely to cancel the global BP. Then the gameplay of the game will change a lot, and the game will also increase a lot of highlights.