Who is the first to draw if the original stone is not enough? The strength analysis of the grass god Xiaogong, the civilian players in the 3.2 version of Yuanshen just smoke like this

In the preview live broadcast of the popular game “Yuanshen” in version 3.2, the four characters who will enter the card pool in version 3.2 have been officially announced. The first card pool is the long-awaited grass god Naxida and Xiaogong. The card pool is the son and the eight-fold god, and the new character Layla.

So as a civilian player and a new player who is not so wealthy in the original stone, what is the priority of these characters? Let’s talk about the character strength of version 3.2 with you.

Nasida, God of Grass

As the most powerful combat power in the Tivat Continent, the Four Gods must be drawn, and the Grass God is no exception. Through the officially announced Grass God skills, it can be seen that the Grass God is positioned as a sub-C character with the ability to increase damage. There are three core skills, namely, large-scale grass hanging in the background, continuous background damage, and proficient bonuses for front-end characters. .

Naxida can be placed in Nilu’s blooming team, stable and large-scale grass, and can add proficiency to teammates. Using her own high proficiency and chain mechanism, she can also deal explosive damage. At present, there are few grass-type roles, and the appearance of Naxida has greatly increased the overall strength of teams such as blooming and intensification.

Xiao Palace

Since the official repair of the bow and arrow ballistics of the Xiaogong has been carried out twice, the usage rate of the Xiaogong has increased a lot. Xiaogong is a character with strong single attack. It is greatly affected by the environment. There is no way to attack small monsters in groups, but fighting big monsters is really simple and rude.

At present, the most used fire-type master Cs in Genshin Impact are Hu Tao and Xiao Gong. Hu Tao can be vaporized, and group attacks are also good. The overall output efficiency of the team is higher than that of Xiao Gong, while Xiao Gong is aimed at flying and scattered remote monsters. Miraculously. It is recommended that civilian players, Hu Tao and Xiao Gong, choose one. If you like high difficulty, you should choose Hu Tao, and if you like the big world, you will give priority to picking Xiao Gong.

son dadalia

“Wanda International” and “Radar International” composed of Young Masters are currently mainstream teams. However, if civilian players want to draw Young Masters, they must first think about the distribution of teammates. Now the Young Masters team is bound to Xiangling and Bennett. , If there is already a team that needs these two divine assistants, you must think about it carefully.

Yae Kamiko

The character strength of Yae Godko is medium, but as a sub-C character, the operation is relatively simple, and the income in the background is not low. If the civilian player is God Child Chef (after all, he looks so good-looking), it would be great to put 0 life in the dust song pot.

Of course, the above are all personal understanding of the game, and you can flexibly adjust according to the actual situation of your team. I don’t know which character everyone is going to pick?